Clinic - Criminal Appeals Manhattan DA' S Office

Credits: 2.00
Faculty: Deborah Morse

In this clinic, each student handles a respondent's appeal on behalf of the Manhattan District Attorney's Office under the supervision of the professor, a senior Assistant District Attorney. Each student receives an appellant's brief and the record on appeal; drafts and revises the respondent's brief; and argues the case in the Appellate Division, First Department. (The oral argument itself takes place after the academic semester has concluded, and the argument preparation occurs during that subsequent period as well.)

Seminar Credits: 1.00

Seminar: The clinic includes a two-hour weekly seminar, which addresses both practical appellate skills and the ethical obligations of a prosecutor in an appellate context.

Enrollment Notes: This clinic is offered only in the fall semester, and is open only to third-year students who have completed the course in Appellate Advocacy.