Faculty Wins AALS Awards, Leads Sessions on Corporate Law, Jim Crow Parallels, and the Rhetoric of Disagreement

Brooklyn Law School stood out at the 2024 annual meeting of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) in Washington, D.C., today as two faculty members, Assistant Professor Sarah Lorr and Professor of Law Emerita Janet Sinder, received awards for their legal education work before an audience of peers from around the country.  

AALS awarded Lorr an honorable mention for excellence in legal education for her paper “Disabling Families,” forthcoming in the Stanford Law Review. The award was presented during an AALS Awards Ceremony that salutes winners of the AALS 2024 Scholarly Paper Competition. Previously a professor of clinical law and the co-director of the Disability and Civil Rights Clinic, Lorr focuses her work and scholarship on the rights of adults with disabilities to have and raise families, alternatives to guardianship, and the right of adults with disabilities to be free from unwarranted intrusion in private spheres of decision making.  

Sinder, who holds the title of professor emerita since she retired as library director at the end of the 2021-2022 academic year, won this year’s AALS Section on Law Libraries and Legal Information Award. During her 10 years on the faculty at the Law School, Sinder focused on transitioning the library’s collection away from print materials to electronic resources, including the addition of a significant number of e-books. She was also involved in promoting the dissemination of faculty scholarship and the law school journals through our open-access digital repository, BrooklynWorks. 

In addition to these honors, the following faculty will be speaking at AALS today: 

  • Vice Dean and Centennial Professor Miriam Baer, who was selected for a call for papers, will speak at a panel session titled, “Business Associations, Co-Sponsored by Transactional Law and Skills,” Session Details (aals.org). The session will examine the intersection of corporate law and democracy, including how corporate law and corporations shaped modern-day social movements and the implications that has. 
  • Assistant Professor of Law Yuvraj Joshi will be speaking on a panel, Everything Old is New Again, about the Jim Crow Era and its parallels to today.  Session Details (aals.org) 
  • Professor of Legal Writing and Co-Director of Legal Research and Writing Maria Termini is moderating a panel titled, “Rhetoric of Disagreement: Toward a Civil Zealous Advocacy.” The panel will examine how those in the legal profession, like others in an increasingly polarized and contentious democracy, must struggle to balance zealously advocating a position with engaging in disagreement in a civil and professional manner. Session Details (aals.org)