New Students Get Early Primer on Brooklyn Law


Just ahead of Brooklyn Law School’s formal convocation for first-year students, a group of new class members got an early introduction through a mini-course designed to prepare them for success in their 1L year.

Assistant Professors of Academic Success Cherie Brown and Flora Midwood, who direct Brooklyn Law School’s Summer Legal Process (SLP) course, welcomed a vibrant and diverse group of 29 admitted students to campus Aug. 15-19 to participate in a five-day introduction to the study of law. SLP is open to students from backgrounds systematically underrepresented in the legal profession, and is designed to bridge the gap between law school and their prior education, professional backgrounds, and lived experiences.

Over the past four decades, SLP has been emblematic of Brooklyn Law School’s commitment to encourage academic success and amplify the meaningful perspectives of new students who promote diversity in the legal profession in a variety of ways.

The program helps these students get familiarized with the nuts and bolts of law school, such as case reading, briefing, and legal writing, as well as general study skills such as time management, outlining, and resource creation.

The course also features mock classes from legal writing and doctrinal professors. During the program, Assistant Professor of Law Vijay Raghavan taught contracts and Assistant Professor of Legal Writing Meg Holzer taught legal writing.