“Sneaker Lawyers” Kenneth Anand ’02 and Jared Goldstein ’17 Lecture at Harvard Law School


Kenneth Anand ’02, co-founder and COO of Roth House, a luxury apparel & accessory house, and Jared Goldstein ’17, legal counsel at the marketing company LiveIntent, shared their expertise in the budding field of sneaker law during a lecture earlier this year at Harvard Law School’s Fashion Law Lab. They gave students an overview of intellectual property, trade secrets, and employment law through the lens of the sneaker industry—topics covered in their forthcoming book, Sneaker Law.

Sneakers are a multi-billion-dollar sneaker industry, requiring expertise in legal fields such as patents, trade secrets, and endorsement deals.

“There’s many different ways to shape your career in sneakers and up until now, it’s been a non-traditional thing,” Anand, formerly general counsel and head of business development at Yeezy, Kanye West’s apparel line with Adidas, told Business Insider. “We’re hoping to make it… much more mainstream and to teach people what they need to know to excel in that industry.”

Anand and Goldstein continue to have an active engagement with Brooklyn Law School students as well. Through the Law School’s externship program, they brought on Rylan Brook ’20 and Daphne Spector ’22 to assist with writing their book. Anand also gave a talk to students sponsored by the Career Development Center, where he discussed his work and offered career advice.

Read a Q&A with Anand from the spring 2019 issue of Brooklyn Law Notes.