Professor K. Sabeel Rahman Quoted in The New York Times on Corporate Consolidations


Professor K. Sabeel Rahman was quoted in the Jan. 10 New York Times article, “Obama’s Work to Limit Mergers May Stop With Trump Administration.”

The article reviews efforts by the Obama administration to limit large company mergers, following reports that the lack of competition was negatively affecting the economy. Rahman believes the president-elect will not overly concern himself with the rise of mega-companies, despite campaign promises to block the proposed AT&T/Time Warner merger.

“So far the pattern seems to be a pretty traditional deregulatory agenda, which is at odds with the campaign but not at odds with the Republican Party,” Rahman said. “So I’m pretty skeptical that there will be an aggressive push on these issues.”

Rahman teaches administrative law and constitutional law. His academic research focuses on the law, institutional structure, and democratic participation in the financial and economic regulatory processes. In addition, Rahman works with a wide range of leading community organizations and academics to develop new approaches to improving civic engagement in U.S. politics. He is currently a member of the New York City Rent Guidelines Board. He previously has served as a special advisor in NYC City Hall on economic development issues and has worked and consulted for a variety of organizations on issues of democracy reform. He is a Four Freedoms Center Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute and a Fellow at New America.

His new book, Democracy Against Domination, was published by Oxford University Press in Fall 2016.

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