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Professor David Reiss in Politico on President-elect’s Real Estate Holdings


Professor David Reiss was prominently quoted in the Jan. 9 Politico article, “Selling his empire would cost Trump money. A lot of it.”

The article examines the myriad legal and ethical dilemmas facing the president-elect in relation to his current business interests. Chief among these is Trump’s real estate empire. Unloading this empire would be a time-consuming and complicated process – and potentially very costly.

“He has to make a choice,” Reiss said. “How much pain is he willing to take?”

Reiss is a frequently quoted expert on legal developments in the real estate finance sector. His comments recently appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, and Marketplace, and he writes a monthly column for The Hill.

Reporters and practitioners also rely on Reiss’s popular REFinBlog, which offers a daily roundup of developments in the law and practices related to the real estate finance industry. The blog features a weekly schedule of Adjudications (Court & Administrative Decisions) on Monday, Regulatory and Legislative Updates on Tuesday, Academic Papers on Wednesday, Advocacy and Think Tanks on Thursday, and a Government Reports roundup of stories on Friday.

Reiss teaches real estate courses and is the founding director of the Community Development Clinic. He is the Research Director of the Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship (CUBE).

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