Timothy Sini ’05 Youngest Commissioner in Suffolk County Police Department History


A recent Newsday article chronicled the first year of service in office for Timothy Sini ’05, who at age 36 is the youngest commissioner in Suffolk County history.

Sini joined the department a year ago after serving as a federal prosecutor. He came into the job facing major challenges, including rebuilding public trust following a scandal that saw a guilty plea and imprisonment of its former police chief, as well as a recent spike in homicides. But, as detailed in the article, Sini has quickly won the support and admiration of colleagues and community members.

Geraldine Hart, FBI special agent in charge of the Long Island office, told Newsday: "It's been a great partnership and you can see definitely he understands what people can bring to the table, not just resources, but special skills."

John Meehan, former Suffolk police chief, said of Sini: "He was nonstop, like a machine. And when you see that, whatever skepticism that people that didn't know him had -- and that's only natural for there to be some skepticism -- I think in an amazingly short period of time, he won them over because he's so sincere."

“He is absolutely one of the most dedicated commissioners to the community that I've ever witnessed in over 20 years of law enforcement,” said Noel DiGerolamo, president of the Suffolk Police Benevolent Association.

Prior to becoming commissioner, Sini worked in corporate law in Manhattan and clerked for two federal judges before becoming a federal prosecutor for the Southern District of New York in 2010, where he worked for U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara. There, he prosecuted gang-related killings and the first federal case of individuals selling bath salts, a designer drug.

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