Panel Discussion: Is Criminal Justice Possible?

About the Program

Brooklyn Law School’s Center for Criminal Justice is bringing together a group of experts to discuss the open question: Is Criminal Justice Possible? The panel will present different perspectives on possibilities for the criminal legal system in the wake of the largest protest movement in United States history, when some are questioning whether the system can work justly at all, and some are working hard to make it better. The discussion will center both around the term “criminal justice” and the broader criminal legal system itself. Topics will include prosecution-driven reform, anti-Black racism and racial disparities in the system, the debate between reform and abolition, and the relationship between policing, prosecution, and incarceration.

This program is a Zoom discussion with ample opportunity for audience questions. All perspectives on these issues are welcome.


Nicole Smith Futrell, Associate Professor, CUNY School of Law
Jill Harris, Chief of Policy and Strategy, Kings County District Attorney’s Office
Brandon Holmes, Co-Director, Freedom Agenda
Jamelia Morgan, Associate Professor, University of Connecticut School of Law
Cheryl Wilkins, Associate Director, Center for Justice at Columbia University


Jocelyn Simonson, Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School

Sponsored by the Center for Criminal Justice