Spring 2016

Photo Journal: A Day in the Life

An award-winning photojournalist captures the dynamic activity that happens in one day at Brooklyn Law School.

Story: Jen Swetzoff | Photography: Todd France

On a chilly Wednesday in February, an award-winning photojournalist spent more than 12 hours at Brooklyn Law School, documenting the dynamic activity that happens in a single day. From 8 a.m. until long past 8 p.m., the energy and enthusiasm on campus is palpable.
Since its founding 115 years ago, the Law School has been a leader in legal education and a gateway of opportunity for talented and promising students, regardless of race, religion, gender, or socioeconomic background. Today, that legacy is stronger than ever.

“When I walk through our bustling hallways,” said Dean of Admissions Eulas Boyd, “and hear the diverse voices coming from our classrooms, I’m immensely proud of the legacy we continue to build upon at Brooklyn Law School. Our students inspire us every day, and we put them first in everything we do here.”

The variety of degree programs available today means that students can take an accelerated track to earn their J.D. in two years. Or, if working is a priority, they can take classes on a part-time basis over four years. This kind of flexibility brings some of the country’s most hardworking, ambitious, and tech-oriented students to Brooklyn—where they can work, intern, and volunteer in one of the world’s most exciting job markets; participate in more than 40 student organizations; serve on competitive Moot Court teams and elite law journals; gain practical experience in more than two-dozen clinics; and attend hundreds of stimulating events on campus.

“What I like most about Brooklyn Law School,” said Simone Lamont ’18 (above, second from right), “is its true commitment to supporting students in every way.”