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Social Enterprise Seminar

This seminar will explore the legal and social ramifications of the increasing trend toward hybridization of nonprofit and for-profit endeavor. This trend is evident whether one looks at developments in nonprofit or in for-profit organizations, and can be seen on various dimensions of nonprofit and for-profit organizational experiences. Individual classes will explore topics as diverse as: corporate charitable contributions, socially-responsible investing, hybrid forms of organization blending nonprofit and for-profit components, corporate social responsibility, the emergence of philanthropy divisions in for-profit companies (e.g., Google), and the increased commercial activities of charities. Each of these issues and developments raise questions about the proper location and enforcement of the for-profit/nonprofit boundary.

Grading and Method of Evaluation:
Letter Grade Only. There will be no exam; evaluation in the course will be based on written work. With the instructor's permission, students may earn an additional credit by writing a substantial paper that satisfies the UCWR.