Property Law Colloquium

This course will allow students to explore the theoretical underpinnings of significant debates in property law and urban policy. We will discuss topical articles with prominent scholars, practitioners and government officials. Possible topics include the appropriate use of eminent domain, local initiatives to increase the supply of affordable housing, the appropriate level of environmental review of land use issues, the role of property taxation in the provision of municipal services, the nature of neighborhood change, abandonment and gentrification, the globalization of real estate finance, brownfield redevelopment, and,exclusionary and inclusionary zoning. In class weeks, students will learn the background necessary to discuss the assigned article with the presenter and will submit a short paper critiquing the assigned article. In colloquium weeks, students will attend the colloquium and discuss the article with the presenter.

Grading and Method of Evaluation:
Letter grade with pass/fail option. Students required to write a series of short papers.