Negotiation Seminar

Students study the theories and skills of negotiation in this seminar. This is considered in a variety of contexts, covering litigation and transactional practice. Students will read and discuss writings on negotiation and, to the extent possible, will experience guest lectures by practicing lawyers. Students will also engage in a series of negotiation exercises, self evaluations, group analyses and instructor conferences. Videotaping may be used. Course components are intended to serve the ultimate goal of students developing core negotiation competencies while embracing their own authentic strengths and styles, with a general philosophy that anyone can be a highly effective negotiator. Enrollment Note: Students who have taken Intensive Negotiation Workshop may not enroll in this course.

Grading and Method of Evaluation:
Letter grade only. Students graded on participation in class and instructor conferences and in the production of extensive evaluation papers for two major simulations (midterm and final). Certain activities outside of class (including goal setting exercises) may also be considered.