Law and Literature Seminar

This seminar uses literature, including fiction, drama, poetry, essays and other writings, to consider the ways in which law and literature intersect, and to broaden students' perspective on the law. We will focus primarily on the central role of law in certain works of literature; on the critical importance to both law and literature of writing well as a means of communicating effectively; and on the fundamental relevance of human relationships in both literature and the law. The seminar is structured to encourage active student participation, critical thinking and writing, and thoughtful discussion. Laptops are not allowed in the seminar.

Grading and Method of Evaluation:
Letter grade only. Students will write a series of papers analyzing the link between literature and the law in several of the assigned readings. A student who wishes to satisfy the Additional Upper Level Writing Requirement may, with the prior permission of the professor, be able to write, in place of a required short paper, a longer research paper that will go through multiple drafts and otherwise meet the ULWR guidelines. There is no final exam.