Introduction to Intellectual Property

This course introduces the major doctrines in American intellectual property law and the theoretical rationales that support them. The principal focus will be on the three main pillars of modern intellectual property regulation: copyright, trademark, and patent. Trade secret, unfair competition, and related state law systems will also receive attention. The course provides a basic grounding in each major substantive area while exploring significant common elements among the doctrines and some of the difficult problems that arise at their intersections. Students who would like to get a basic grounding in IP law, or who are unsure of whether they intend to focus on IP law might wish to take this course. Students who know that they are interested in IP law might wish to take the basic courses in Copyright, Trademark, and Patent instead of this survey. Students who have already taken, or are concurrently taking, any two of those courses are precluded from taking this survey course.

Grading and Method of Evaluation:
Letter grade with pass/fail option. Final exam.