In-House Counsel Legal Practice Seminar Seminr

This seminar will examine the roles of in-house counsel at various levels of an organization and the nature of in-house legal practice today. The seminar is intended to address the growing desire of many lawyers, including those who begin their careers at law firms, to practice in-house. It will include detailed discussions of, among other topics: public and private company boards of directors and their relationships with in-house counsel; the management by in-house counsel of more junior lawyers, of nonlawyers, and of outside counsel; the differences between law firm and in-house practice; various ethical issues that in-house counsel are particularly likely to confront in their daily practice; and the growing importance of compliance in in-house legal practice.

Enrollment Notes:
Students who have earned credit for Civil Externship Seminar - Corporate Counsel may not earn credit for this course. Laptops are not allowed in the seminar.
Grading and method of Evaluation:
Letter grade only. The seminar will include the use of problem sets. Students, in groups, will analyze these hypotheticals, present their analysis to the rest of the class, and write a group paper reflecting their analysis. Students will also write an individual paper analyzing another hypothetical problem.