Immigration and Work Practicum

The practicum will place five to eight students in law offices that practice business immigration, although the student may also be exposed to other aspects of immigration practice. These students will work in the immigration law office 12-15 hours per week. They will submit regular journals describing their work and the legal issues they confront. They will also meet on a periodic basis with Adjunct Professor Mehta to discuss their work. Students wishing to be considered for the practicum should submit a resume, grade report, and writing sample to Professor Mehta. Professor Mehta will review the applications, along with Professors Fullerton and Caplow, and refer applicants to the participating law offices for an interview. The individual law offices will decide which students to accept; after acceptance the student will be enrolled in the Immigration and Work Practicum in addition to the course.

Grading and Method of Evaluation:
This practicum will be graded on a modified pass-fail basis. An 8-10 page reflective essay is required.