Immigration and Work

This course focuses on the immigration laws of the United States and their intersection with issues involving employment, labor, enforcement, public policy, and the role of the immigration lawyer. This advanced offering will examine the impact of employment on immigration and vice versa. It will explore the role of work on immigration practice and policy from multiple perspectives: historical, economic, political, and global. Among other topics, the course will discuss the following: employment-based temporary visas and permanent residence; preserving lawful status; undocumented immigration and enforcement actions; immigrant workers' rights; proposed immigration reform; and comparative work-based immigration systems. In addition to study of statutory materials and regulations, the course will cover the work of immigration lawyers in this field, agency procedures, and ethical issues that arise in representing businesses and employees. The course will also have a practical component in which students will engage in some of the aspects of employment immigration practice.

Grading and Method of Evaluation:
Letter grade only. Take-home exam.