Fundamentals of Legal Drafting: Transactions

This course will cover basic principles of drafting contemporary commercial contract drafting and introduce students to documents typically used in a variety of transactions. The skills gained will apply to any transactional practice and even be useful to litigators. Students will develop skills important to understand: (1) the business purpose of each of the contract concepts; (2) how to translate the business deal into contract concepts; (3) how to draft each of a contract's parts; (4) how to draft with clarity and without ambiguity; (5) how to add value to a deal; (6) how to work through the drafting process; and (7) how to review and comment on a contract. While there are no specific courses prerequisite to enrollment, a basic knowledge of business entities (corporations and LLCs) will be helpful.

Grading and Method of Evaluation:
Letter grade only. Students are graded on a series of assignments. Satisfies the Upperclass Writing Requirement.