Photo of Marsha Garrison

Marsha Garrison

1901 Distinguished Research Professor of Law
(718) 780-7947
B.A., University of Utah
J.D., Harvard University Law School


Professor Garrison is an expert on law and policy relating to families, children, reproductive technology, and medical decision making.  She is affiliated with the Center for Health, Science & Public Policy. Her research and writing spans a broad range of topics, including marriage, cohabitation, parentage determination, the economics of divorce, medical decision making, and child welfare. Much of her research is interdisciplinary, applying social science and economic data to legal policy issues.  Her research has been published in a wide variety of books and leading law journals. She is currently working (with Professor Margaret F. Brinig, University of Notre Dame) on an empirical investigation of nonmarital families in St. Joseph County, Indiana.

Professor Garrison has co-authored two widely used casebooks: Family Law: Cases, Comments, and Questions (4th-6th eds.) and Law and Bioethics: Individual Autonomy and Social Regulation (1st-3d eds.).
She is the immediate past president of the International Society of Family Law and a member of the American Law Institute, the advisory boards of the Cambridge Family Law Centre and the Journal of Law and Family Studies, and the International Advisory Board of the Child and Family Law Quarterly. Professor Garrison was a Visiting Scholar at the University of Bologna in 2014 and a Senior Fulbright Scholar at Yangon University in Myanmar in 2016.