Selected Scholarship from the Center's Faculty

Anita Bernstein
Anita and Stuart Subotnick Professor of Law

Common Law Fundamentals of the Right to Abortion, 63 Buffalo L. Rev. 1141 (2015)

Themes, Doctrine, and Pedagogy in the 2013-2014 National Health Law Moot Court Competition Problem, 35 J. Leg. Med. 345 (2014)

Gender in Asbestos Law: Cui Bono: Cui Pacat, 88 Tul. L. Rev. 1211 (2013-2014)

An Information Prescription for Prescription Drug Regulation, 54 Buff. L, Rev. 569 (2006-2007)

Michael Cahill
President and Dean & Professor of Law

Pegram's Regress: A Missed Chance for Sensible Judicial Review of Managed Care Decisions (with Peter Jacobson), 27 Am. J. L. & Med. 421 (2001)

Applying Fiduciary Responsibilities in the Managed Care Context
(with Peter Jacobson), 26 Am. J. L. & Med. 155 (2000)

Marsha Garrison
Suzanne J. and Norman Miles Professor of Law

Regulating Reproduction, 76 Geo. Wash. L. Rev. 1623 (2008)

The Empire of Illness: Competence and Coercion in Health-Care Decision Making
, 49 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. 781 (2007)

Reforming Child Protection: A Public Health Perspective
, 12 Va. J. Soc. Pol'y & L. 590 (2005)

Cynthia Godsoe
Professor of Law

Adolescents in Society: Their Evolving Legal Status, Introduction, 20 J. L. & Pol'y 1 (2011-2012)

Adam Kolber
Professor of Law

Will There Be a Neurolaw Revolution?, 89 Ind. L. J. 807 (2014)

The Experiential Future of the Law, 60 Emory L. J. 585 (2010-2011)

Pain Detection and the Privacy of Subjective Experience, 33 Am. J. L. & Med. 433 (2007)

A Limited Defense of Clinical Placebo Deception
, 26 Yale L. & Pol'y Rev. 75 (2007-2008)

A Matter of Priority: Transplanting Organs Preferentially to Registered Donors, 55 Rutgers L. Rev. 671 (2002-2003)

Gregg P. Macey
Professor of Law

Air Concentrations of Volatile Compounds Near Oil and Gas Production, 13 Environmental Health 82 (2014)

Environmental Crisis and the Paradox of Organizing, 2011 B.Y.U. L. Rev. 2063 (2011)

Aaron D. Twerski
Irwin and Jill Cohen Professor of Law

The Demise of Drug Design Litigation Death by Federal Preemption
, 68 Am. U. L. Rev. 281 (2018)

Drug Design Liability: Farewell to Comment K (with James A. Henderson Jr.), 67 Baylor L. Rev. 521 (2015)

Optional Safety Devices: Delegating Design Responsibility to the Market (with James A.
Henderson Jr.), 45 Ariz. St. L. J. 1399 (2013)

Managerial Judging: The 9/11 Responders' Tort Litigation
(with Alvin K. Hellerstein and James A. Henderson Jr.), 98 Cornell L. Rev. 127 (2012-2013)

The 9/11 Litigation Database: A Recipe for Judicial Management
, (with Alvin K. Hellerstein and James A. Henderson Jr.), 90 Wash. U. L. Rev. 653 (2012-2013)

Reaching Equilibrium in Tobacco Litigation (with James A. Henderson Jr.), 62 S. C. L. Rev. 67 (2010-2011)