Jocelyn Simonson
Co-Director of the Center,  Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship, and Professor of Law

Kate Mogulescu
Co-Director of the Center and Associate Professor of Clinical Law
Alexis Hoag-Fordjour Alexis J. Hoag-Fordjour
Co-Director of the Center and Assistant Professor of Law

Affiliated Faculty


Center for Criminal Justice

Miriam Baer Miriam Baer
Vice Dean and Centennial Professor of Law
Stacy Caplow Stacy Caplow
Professor of Law
Godsoe Cynthia Cynthia Godsoe
Professor of Law
Susan Herman Susan Herman
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Professor of Law
Kolber Adam Photo Adam Kolber
Professor of Law
Mogulescu Kate Photo Kate Mogulescu
Professor of Clinical Law
Ristroph Alice Photo Alice Ristroph
Dean’s Research Scholar and Fagen Professor of Law
Anna Roberts Anna Roberts
Professor of Law
Jocelyn Simonson Jocelyn Simonson
Professor of Law & Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship