About LRAP

The Brooklyn Law School Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) is available to graduates working in public interest organizations with an IRS 501(c)3 status. Upon graduation, students who enter qualified areas of public interest employment may be eligible for LRAP to assist them with repaying their law school educational debt. LRAP provides loan repayment assistance on a semiannual basis to qualified graduates for up to five years.

A graduate's LRAP benefit may be as much as $7,000 a year over a 5-year period , allowing participants to receive up to $35,000 in assistance with their loan repayment. The total amount of the annual award per year will be based upon the Income Driven Repayment calculation provided by the U. S. Department of Education's Direct Loan Program, or a total of $7,000a year if you are in different repayment program. The yearly payment will not exceed $7000 even if your required loan repayment amount exceeds $7,000.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible graduates receive semi-annual funding for up to 5 years following program entry, to assist in paying down loan debt. The Law School forgives 100% of the LRAP principle and accrued interest (5% fixed) at the end of each full year of participation up to a maximum of 5 years.

The application procedure:

  • You must be in repayment
  • Submit the application and employment certification according to the deadlines
  • Apply within 2 ½ years of graduation (3 ½ if doing a clerkship in first year after graduation) based on application deadline.
  • Satisfy a minimum law school debt requirement of $61,500.
  • Meet the income requirement: Initial entry cap is $80,000; if married, the average of both incomes must be within the entry cap.
  • Employment must be law-related and is limited to full-time jobs that require a J.D. degree with nonprofit, public interest organizations that qualify for tax exemption under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Government jobs do not qualify).
  • Use LRAP funds to pay down debt and provide proof of loan payment with each year’s application.
  • Sign a Promissory Note for each year’s participation.
  • Gain admission to the Bar within 12 months of entering LRAP.
  • Notify BLS immediately if employment changes.



LRAP awards are *loans* that are forgiven after each year’s participation and therefore, the award is not a tax liability. If you are ineligible to participate in the LRAP Program based on the above criteria and believe your circumstances warrant consideration, please contact the LRAP administrator in the Office of Financial Aid.

The application deadline is December 1 for program entry in January; June 1 for program entry in July. For more information, please contact Florence Attino in the Financial Aid office at florence.attino@brooklaw.edu or 718-780-0309.

Download Important Documents:
LRAP Application: January - June
LRAP Employer Certification Form: January - June
LRAP Application: July - December
LRAP Employer Certification Form: July - December