Graduation Requirements

The 4-year J.D. program requires the same 85 credits as other J.D. options, but courses are spread out over 4 or 4.5 years. Classes are typically held in the evenings from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, Monday through Thursday. The application process for this extended option is the same as for the 3-year program. Both the 3-year and 4-year options allow students some flexibility to switch programs, depending on the timing of the request.

Sample Course Schedule

Below is a sample outline of the schedule of coursework a 4-year J.D. student will pursue to complete the degree. Please note that this is a sample only. Specific courses and course timings are subject to change. Students are eligible for clinics, co-curricular activities (moot court, journals, etc.), and international opportunities.

Incoming Summer

4 credits (7 weeks)
Criminal Law (4 credits)

1L Fall Semester

11 credits (13 weeks):
Civil Procedure (4 credits)
Torts (4 credits)
Fundamentals of Law Practice (3 credits) 

1L Spring Semester

12 credits (13 weeks)
Constitutional Law (4 credits)
Contracts (4 credits)
Gateway to Lawyering (4 credits)

2L Fall Semester

9-12 credits (13 weeks)
Property (4 credits)
Regular Courses/Clinics 

2L Spring Semester

9-12 credits (13 weeks)

3L & 4L Year

9-12 credits per semester (13 weeks/semester)


4 Year Total: 85 credits

4-Year Program FAQs

Get answers to our frequently asked questions about the 4-year J.D. program.

What is the 4-year J.D. program?
The 4-year J.D. program is designed for students who are working and need to take classes in the evening.  It has the same requirements as a 3-year program, but with less credits per semester and classes after 6 pm, four days a week.

Who is eligible to apply?
All candidates applying for admission are eligible.

How much does it cost?
The tuition rate per credit, estimated to be $1,993 for the 2019-2020 academic year, will be the same for all students, regardless of the program in which they enroll.

Am I eligible for merit scholarships and other forms of financial aid if I apply to the 4-year J.D. program?
Yes. Applicants to the 4-year program are eligible for financial aid and merit scholarships to the same extent as applicants to our full-time programs.

Can I opt out if my circumstances change?
Yes. Students who initially enroll in the 4-year J.D. program may later decide to complete their degree in 3 or 3.5 years instead. The 4-year option simply offers added flexibility for students who want to continue to work.

Will I be guaranteed housing? 
Brooklyn Law School guarantees housing to all incoming students for their first year, as long as they submit the housing application and deposit by May 1st.

Will I be able to earn one of the certificates offered through the Law School? 

Will I be able to participate in clinics?

Will I be able to participate in OCI (On-Campus Interviewing)?

Will I be able to compete for a position on one of Brooklyn Law School's journals?

Will I be able to compete for Moot Court Honor Society membership?

How will the 4-year J.D. students be ranked?
Students are ranked at the end of the first spring semester with the other members of their incoming class and subsequently after each fall and spring semester with other members of their graduating class.