D.C. Immersion Semester

Brooklyn Law School students can enroll in the D.C. Immersion Semester in order to take advantage of a full semester experiential clinical placement in the areas of federal government practice, legislation, regulation and related fields. The Semester is intended to give the student a comprehensive working experience unique to the nation’s capital. It is expected that students will use this time to build substantive knowledge, develop practical skills, deepen and refine practice area interests, observe institutional policy, procedure and operations, and spend time networking and meeting decision makers and potential employers. It is also expected that this will be a rich and exciting learning experience for students interested in such fields as government regulation, enforcement, and legislative drafting.

Brooklyn Law School students experience professional life in the nation's capital.


  • The D.C. Immersion Semester is available to upperclass students in good standing, during either the spring of the student’s second year or the fall of the third year.
  • Students are eligible to receive 10 academic (but not classroom) credits, graded on a pass/fail basis, for a semester of full-time work (i.e., 40 or more hours a week) and fulfillment of several academic requirements, described below.
  • When planning for this program, students should be mindful of limitations placed by the Court of Appeals on non-classroom credits and by the law school on clinical credits.
  • Each student will be assigned a faculty mentor.
  • While in D.C., students will engage in a biweekly phone (or Skype) discussion with and submit weekly journals and a final essay to the faculty mentor work and their careers.
  • Each student will be assigned to an alumni mentor in D.C. working a related area of practice who will meet with the student a few times during the semester.

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