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Prepared for practice in the real estate industry

Students seeking to develop core knowledge in real estate law may elect to concentrate in the area and receive a certificate in the specialty. Students must satisfactorily complete, at a minimum, the following:

  1. Three Foundation courses
  2. At least three electives from Advanced courses, and/or Seminar & Specialty courses
  3. At least two Skills & Practice-Based courses*

Foundation Courses

Corporations (BOL-200)
Real Estate Practice (PTE-240)
Real Estate Development (PTE235) or Real Estate Finance (PTE-230)

Advanced Courses

Administrative Law (RLP-200)
Agency and Partnership (BOL-210)
Unincorporated Business Organizations (BOL-211)
Law of Co-Ops, Condos, and Homeowners Ass’ns (PTE-245)
Commercial Leasing (PTE-260)
Construction Law (PTE-241)
Real Estate – Megaprojects: Public/Private Partnership (PTE-340)
Land Use Controls (PTE-220)
Energy Law, Policy and Sustainability (RLP-331)
Environmental Law (RLP-230)
Taxation of Real Estate Transactions (PTE-315)
Legal Issues Affecting Sustainable Buildings (PTE-280)

Seminar & Specialty Courses*

Environmental Justice Law Seminar (RLP-235)
Landlord-Tennant Litigation Seminar (PTE-265)
New York Zoning and Land Use Seminar (PTE-221)
Selected courses via Open Door Program at Hunter and Pratt**

*This list includes currently offered seminars. From time to time different seminars focusing on topics relating to real estate will be added.

**Speak to Professor David Reiss about which courses may count toward the certificate.

Skills & Practice-Based Courses

Adv. Corporate & Real Estate Clinic (CLN-406)
Community Development Clinic (CLN-327)
Corporate/Real Estate Clinic (CLN-306)
Housing Rights Clinic (CLN-243)

Real Estate and Community Development Externship (CLN-227)
Real Estate Community Development Practicum (CLN-229)
Civil Practice Externship (There are many placements with governmental agencies and non-profits in the real estate/affordable housing/landlord tenant fields).

Simulation Courses
Commercial Leasing (PTE-260)
Real Estate Practice Workshop: Doing the Deal (PTE-325)
RE Transactions: Advanced Issues and Practical Skills Workshop (PTE-326)
Intensive Commercial Real Estate Workshop (PTE-261)

*Two semester clinics count for 2 skills courses.

**Other relevant externships in business organizations and financial institutions may also satisfy this requirement.