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Prepared for a globalized practice

International law has become increasingly important to lawyers who practice law in the globalized twenty-first century. International law issues cut across many areas of practice and arise in many different settings. International law practice may concentrate on public international law, private transactions, or a mixture of both. It frequently involves policy, transactions, dispute resolution, and compliance. Lawyers who practice international law may focus primarily on international law and/or they may rely on U.S. (or some other national) law in representing clients concerning international issues.

To receive a Certificate in International Law, students must satisfactorily complete, at a minimum, the following (a total of 8 courses):

  1. Either Conflict of Laws or International Law
  2. At least two additional Foundation courses
  3. At least two Advanced courses
  4. At least two additional courses selected from Advanced courses or Seminar & Specialty courses
  5. At least one course from the lists of Skills & Practice-Based courses

Foundation Courses

Conflict of Laws (CPL-230)
International Business Transactions (IBL-230)
International Human Rights (ICL-310)
International Law (ICL-200)
International Litigation (ICL-250)
International Trade Law (IBL-210)

Advanced Courses

Climate Change, Development, Human Rights (ICL-231)
Forced Migration (Refugee) Law (ICL-260)
International Commercial Arbitration (IBL-310)
International Intellectual Property (IBL-370)
International Sales Seminar (CTL-218)
International Taxation (TAX-350)
International Trade/Customs Law (IBL-211)
Sales and International Sales (CTL-217)
Transportation and Maritime Law (IBL-200)

Seminar & Specialty Courses

African Law (ICL-205)
Comparative Law (ICL-215)
Comparative Contracts Law Seminar (IBL-320)
Human Rights & IP Seminar (IPL-270)
Introduction to International Refugee Law (ICL-235)

Skills & Practice-Based Courses

Skills Courses
International and Foreign Law Research (LWR-240)
Vis International Arbitration Competition (IBL-311)

Safe Harbor Clinic (CLN-320)

Court of International Trade
Human Rights Watch
U.S. Immigration Court
U.S. Customs and Border Protection