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Prepared for practice in the criminal justice system

Many Brooklyn Law School students express an interest in practicing criminal law. These students may wish to devote a substantial portion of their legal education to the concepts, doctrines, ethical concerns, and skills involved in law practice focusing on the criminal justice system.

The Certificate will demonstrate that the students’ legal studies have provided them with significant exposure to topics involving criminal law and procedure and will attest that they begin their legal careers with substantial understanding and advanced knowledge of criminal law and its practice.

Students who elect a Certificate in Criminal Law must satisfactorily complete the following:

  1. All three Foundation courses
  2. At least two electives from Advanced courses, and/or Seminar & Specialty courses
  3. At least two electives from Skills & Practice-Based courses

Foundation Courses

All Courses Required

Criminal Procedure: Investigations (CRM-200)
Criminal Procedure: Adjucations (CRM-201)
Evidence (CPL-200)

Advanced Courses

Cybercrime (IPL-225)
Federal Criminal Investigations (CRM-225)
National Security Law (CLT-220)
Securities Fraud: Criminal and Regulatory Enforcement (BOL-420)

Seminar & Specialty Courses*

Corporate and White Collar Crime Seminar (CRM-215)
Criminal Justice?: Netflix’s Making a Murder (CRM-326)
Domestic Violence and the Law (FML-205)
Forensic Science and the Law (CRM-260)
Law and Police Policy Seminar (CRM-310)
Law and the Brain Seminar (LTJ-345)
Legislation and Statutory Interpretation (RLP-250)
New York Criminal Procedure Workshop (CRM-305)
Problem Solving Justice (CRM-205)
Race, Gender, and Crime Law Seminar (CRM-316)
Terrorism and Civil Liberties Seminar (CLT-455)
When Justice Fails Seminar (LTJ-336)
Wrongful Convictions Seminar (CRM-345)

*This list includes currently offered seminars. From time to time different seminars focusing on topics relating to criminal law will be added.

Skills & Practice-Based Courses

Simulation Courses
Trial Advocacy (CPL-360)
Appellate Advocacy (LWR-270)
Evidence Workshop (CPL-307)

BLS/EXI Innocence (CLN-333)
Clemency and Pardon Project (CLN-347)
Prosecution Clinic: Brooklyn DA (CLN-316)
Prosecution Clinic: USAO EDNY (CLN-318)
Youth Reentry and Legal Services (CLN-208)

Criminal Practice Externship (any placement with any criminal justice agency or organization)
Judicial Externship with a criminal court/judge
SEC Enforcement

*Two semester clinics count for 2 skills courses.

**Other relevant externships in business organizations and financial institutions may also satisfy this requirement.