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Prepared to represent for-profit enterprises

Business law is an essential part of our curriculum and has been a major practice area for many of our graduates. The practice ranges from dealing with small businesses and closely-held organizational forms to providing advice to large corporate enterprises with many subsidiaries and affiliates.

Students learn how law governs the organization, the relationships among the parties, and the basic transactions in business firms. This area of practice also requires a basic knowledge of the federal securities laws as they relate to capital raising and finance.

Since this specialty deals with for-profit businesses, it demands a basic understanding of the fundamentals of accounting (i.e. the practice of preparing financial statements) and finance (the science of capital raising and valuation).

Students who undertake this concentration must satisfactorily complete, at a minimum, the following:

  1. Four Foundation courses
  2. At least two electives from Advanced courses, or Seminar & Specialty courses
  3. Two electives from Skills & Practice-Based courses, or one Skills & Practice-Based course and one Advanced or Seminar & Specialty course.

Foundation Courses

Four Courses Required

Corporations (BOL-200)
Corporate Finance (BOL-301)
Securities Regulation (BOL-321)
Plus one of the following: Secured Transactions (CTL-210); Debtors’ & Creditors’ Rights (CTL-200); Corporate Taxation (TAX-340); or International Business Transactions (IBL-230)

Advanced Courses

Accounting for Lawyers (BOL-230)*
Agency, Partnership-LLC (BOL-210)
Antitrust Law (RLP-210)
Banking Regulation (BOL-340)
Business Reorganizations (CTL-300)
Cybersecurity Law, Policy and Practice (RLP-291)
Debtors’ & Creditors’ Rights (CTL-200)*
Derivatives Law and Regulation (BOL-250)
Federal Income Taxation (TAX-200)
Franchising: Laws, Regulations and Dispute Resolution (BOL-212)
Introduction to Compliance and Risk Management in Financial Institutions (BOL-305)
Insurance Law (RLP-240)
International Taxation (TAX-350)
Investment Management Regulation (BOL-324)
Law of Entrepreneurship (BOL-240)
Law of Non-profit Organizations (BOL-225)
Partnership Taxation (TAX-360)
Pension Rights & Executive Compensation (LEL-320)
Sales and International Sales (CTL-217)
Securities Fraud: Criminal and Regulatory Enforcement (BOL-420)
Secured Transactions (CTL-210)**
Tax: Corporate Taxation (TAX-340)**
Unincorporated Business Organizations (BOL-211)

*Highly recommended if student has not studied accounting prior to law school.

**If not already taken as one of the foundation courses.

Seminar & Specialty Courses*

Advanced Legal Research: Securities Law (LWR-402)
Advanced Topics in Commercial Law Seminar (CTL-320)
Bankruptcy and Commercial Law Advanced Topics Seminar (CTL-305)
Commercial Arbitration (CTL-310)
Commercial Mediation and Arbitration (CTL-311)
Corporate and White Collar Crime Seminar (CRM-215)
Corporate Law: Mergers & Acquisitions/Corporate Governance (BOL-300)
International Commercial Arbitration (IBL-310 or IBL-715)
Law and Economics (LTJ-235)
Market Structure, Private Power and Consumer Welfare Seminar (BOL-260)
Social Enterprise Seminar (BOL-226)
The Role, Practice and Perspective of the General Counsel Seminar (BOL-201)

*This list includes currently offered seminars. From time to time, different seminars focusing on topics relating to business organizations may be offered.

Skills & Practice-Based Courses

Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE )
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
New York Civil Court Consumer Law Externship (CLN-360)
Judicial Clerkship Externship (CLN-206) Bankruptcy placement

Corporate and Real Estate Clinic (CLN-306)
Community Development Clinic (CLN-327)
BLIP Clinic (CLN-214)

Simulation Courses
Commercial Mediation and Arbitration (CTL-311)
Complex Securities Litigation (BOL-318)
Financial Modeling (BOL-315)
Transactional Skills for Startups (BOL-351)

*Other relevant externships in business organizations and financial institutions may also satisfy this requirement.

**Two semester clinics count for 2 skills courses.