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Hone your skills in our year-round workshops

The Academic Success Program offers workshops throughout the year that provide students with additional support in their studies at Brooklyn Law School. These are taught by specialists such as Professor Flora Midwood.

Grammar Workshop

Brooklyn Law School offers this workshop to help students learn the fundamentals of composition. Through discussion and exercises, the school's Writing Specialist, Professor Elisabeth Fajans, reviews basic principles of sentence structure, grammar, diction, punctuation, and mechanics. The ability to construct a good sentence is essential for good communication, and the ability to communicate with maximum effectiveness is highly valuable to a lawyer. For more information about this workshop, please contact Professor Fajans.

First-Year Friday Legal Skills Workshops

This workshop series introduces all the successful skills a law student needs, such as:

  • Time Management
  • Short Practice Questions
  • Supplements and Learning Apps
  • Flashcards and Mindmaps
  • Outlining
  • Essay Exams
  • Multiple Choice Exams
  • Short Answer Exams
  • Outlining, Part 2
  • Game-ifying Exam Review
  • Exam Reading
  • Exam Room Management

Finally, with two concluding "Bring Your Own Final" sessions, the workshops help alleviate test-taking anxiety by giving students a concrete preview of how to take timed, full-length law school exams in a test setting. A different slate of Friday Legal Skills Workshops occurs during the second semester of 1L year and more heavily targets exam performance. Taught by Professor Dizon.

Case Briefing Workshop

The Case Briefing workshop is taught by the Director of the Academic Success Program  and covers case reading, briefing, and study skills. It is offered several times during orientation to all entering students. Students read a short case and are guided through the process of writing a case brief, including identifying issues, relevant facts, holdings, rules and reasoning, and case synthesis. Students are also introduced to strategies for effective listening, note-taking, and time management. Taught by Professor Dizon.

Scholarly Journal Workshop

Under the guidance of the Director of the Academic Success Program, students explore the unique organization and writing requirements of a case comment in order to prepare for a writing competition. Based on the results of this competition, students are selected to staff the Brooklyn Law School scholarly publications: Brooklyn Law Review, Brooklyn Journal of International Law, the Journal of Law and Policy and the Journal of Corporate, Financial and Commercial Law. Taught by Professor Dizon.

Questions about the Academic Success Program? Contact us:

Professor Flora Midwood
Assistant Director of the Academic Success Program
Phone: 718-780-0367