Summer Housing

Summer Housing Options

A number of current Brooklyn Law School residents will be looking for a sub-tenant to occupy their Brooklyn Law School apartment while they are working outside of New York during the summer months. Our summer sublets are subject to the requirements listed below. These requirements are in place for the welfare of our students who continue to occupy the units during the summer months, including our graduating students studying for the Bar Examination in New York, who need quiet surroundings, as well as Law School students who are taking summer school classes and working in New York City.

The dates for the sublet period are typically from June 1 - July 31. Some residents may leave sooner than June 1, in which case, the sublet may begin earlier. If the sublet period is extended beyond the two-month window, housing charges will be pro-rated.

In addition, some sublets may end at the beginning of August, but residents will not be notified until mid-May as to whether they can remain in their apartments beyond July 31. Each year we guarantee housing to all incoming students who file applications by May 2. Once this is complete, we use a lottery system to determine who of our ongoing residents may remain in their apartments for another year. The lottery results are announced in mid-May.

  • The subtenant must be a Brooklyn Law School student, a student who is taking a course or courses at BLS during the summer, or a student from another law school who will be working full-time in New York City during June and July, or studying for the July 2019 Bar Exam.

  • In multiple-bedroom apartments, the subtenant must be of the same gender as the other roommates.

  • If the sublet ends on July 31, the subtenant must vacate the apartment no later than 5:00 pm on July 31 in order for us to prepare the units for students taking occupancy in August.

  • The subtenant must be approved by the Office of Student Housing, execute a housing license, and pay all occupancy charges in advance directly to Brooklyn Law School. In addition to the housing charges, the sub-tenant must pay a damage deposit, as well as technology fee and utilities. Current residents may not charge a premium to the subtenant.

  • Brooklyn Law School subsidizes the housing charges for Brooklyn Law School students. The charges for non-BLS law students are available below. The prices listed are per month. Feil Hall rates include utilities, internet and cable. Clinton Street subtenants will have access to the internet, but must pay for all other utilities separately. Current residents may not charge a premium to the subtenant.

  • The sublet must be for a minimum 2 month period.

After March 1, current residents who are interested in subletting their apartments, or students looking to find an apartment, should email Melissa Giovinazzo in Student Housing at

Please be careful of scams if you are seeking summer housing. You should verify that you are in contact with Student Affairs at Brooklyn Law School before you send any payments.

Pricing Chart

Feil Hall Non-BLS Rate 2 Months 2.5 Months
Straight studio (small) $1,756 $3,512 $4,390
Straight studio $1,951 $3,902 $4,878
Straight studio (large) $2,015 $4,030 $5,038
L-studio $2,081 $4,162 $5,203
L-studio with terrace $2,211 $4,422 $5,528
1BR $2,211 $4,422 $5,528
1BR with terrace $2,275 $4,550 $5,688
1BR (large) $2,275 $4,550 $5,688
1BR (extra-large) $2,405 $4,810 $6,013
2BR/1BA $1,835 $3,670 $4,588
2BR/1BA (no living room) $1,597 $3,194 $3,993
2BR/1BA w/ terrace $1,903 $3,806 $4,758
2BR/2BA $1,970 $3,940 $4,925
3BR/2BA (private bath) $1,767 $3,534 $4,418
3BR/2BA $1,630 $3,260 $4,075
3BR/2BA (large apartment) $2,022 $4,044 $5,055
3BR/2BA (large apartment, large bdrm) $2,100 $4,200 $5,250
4BR/2BA $1,630 $3,260 $4,075
4BR/2BA (large bedroom) $1,766 $3,532 $4,415
4BR/2BA (small bedroom) $1,610 $3,220 $4,025
148 Clinton Street Non-BLS Rate 2 Months 2.5 Months
1BR $1,795 $3,590 $4,488
2BR (small) $1,425 $2,850 $3,563
2BR/1BA $1,490 $2,980 $3,725
150 Clinton Street Non-BLS Rate 2 Months 2.5 Months
1BR $1,795 $3,590 $4,488
20 Aitken Place Non-BLS Rate 2 Months 2.5 Months
3BR/2BA (private bath) $1,658 $3,316 $4,145
3BR/2BA $1,533 $3,066 $3,833
3BR/2BA $1,516 $3,032 $3,790
  • Students and brownstones
  • Facade of Feil Hall
  • Farner's market

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Director of Housing
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