Keeping You Connected

Internet and Wireless Access

The Law School maintains over 1,800 network outlets in the Library and in classrooms that allow direct network access for laptop computers via Ethernet connections. Additionally, there is wireless network access available in every public area and every residence hall. Since wireless network connections are less reliable in urban environments where many wireless devices are in close proximity, we recommend that students carry an Ethernet cable at all times in the event that there are temporary difficulties accessing our wireless network.

Computer Labs, Laptops and Exam Software
There are five computer labs in the Library and a limited number of netbook computers that can be borrowed at the Library’s circulation desk for a period of up to four hours. The labs and netbooks permit access to the Internet, word processing, and computer-assisted legal instruction programs. The computers in the labs are configured to delete all saved files once they are rebooted. As a result, we recommend that students use a USB memory stick to save their work when working on any lab computer.

Most professors allow students to use laptops to take notes during class. However, some do not. You may use your laptop to take exams, but only after the IT office has had an opportunity to configure your computer for use on the network and to certify that all drives are updated to their latest released version. The Law School uses Exam4 exam software, which runs on both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Laptop Purchase and Recommended Specifications
The Law School strongly recommends that students purchase a laptop for law school use. The IT Office recommends Lenovo T- and X-series notebook computers. Some students may prefer to purchase an Apple laptop instead. While both are compatible with all Law School systems, we recommend Lenovo computers over Apple computers, because integration with Microsoft Exchange using Office 2007’s Outlook is better than with Apple’s Entourage. However, students may purchase either system through the Law School at a discount.

IT Services for Students
Our IT Office is dedicated to providing students with support. In addition, the IT Office also offers antivirus software to all Windows users and helps students resolve problems on their laptops. This includes malware removal, installation of Microsoft Office, and installation of antivirus software on Windows-based laptops. Any hardware problems are referred back to the student for resolution through their laptop manufacturer.

The IT Office also provides an e-mail account to every student for school purposes. The account stays active for about 15 months following graduation, and the e-mail address itself can be kept active after that period by requesting that mail be forwarded from it to another provider.

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