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Our student organizations are an important part of the Law School community and the engine behind many exciting programs. They offer an opportunity for students to explore their academic work beyond the classroom, through events that bring them together with others of similar (or different) cultural backgrounds or philosophical beliefs. These student organizations are also an effective way for you to participate in activities that will broaden your knowledge of specific areas of the law, become involved in pro bono work, and connect with the Law School's alumni and other members of the legal community.

There are more than 40 student organizations within the Law School, representing a variety of practice areas and cultural groups. Members develop substantive and informative student programs throughout the school year, as well as organize school-wide social events. Early in the academic year, the Student Bar Association conducts its annual Organization Fair when representatives from the association's various organizations are available to meet with students interested in joining.

Visit the links on this page to learn more about the Law School's student organizations.

  • President: Robert Raghunath
    Vice-President (Day): Joseph Caldarera
    Vice-President (Evening): John Werner
    Treasurer: Michael Conte
    Social Secretary: Christie McGuiness
    Administrative Secretary: Jessica Schneider

    BLSConnect Site: SBA

    The SBA acts as the umbrella organization for all student organizations at the Law School, and serves as the student voice to the Law School faculty and administration.  The SBA also plans, supervises, and sponsors educational and social events throughout the academic year.

  • President: Sara Dejam
    Vice Presidents: Andrew Fine; Alexandria Todd
    Treasurer: Stephanie Quintero
    Secretary: Josephine Dongbang
    Tryout Chair: Nathan Boone
    Networking Chairs: Justin Crayton; Joseph Dalli
    1L Delegate: Stephanie Khan
    Social Chair: Christie McGuiness

    The purpose of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) society is to introduce students to alternative methods of dispute resolution as opposed to the heavy focus on litigation in law school courses.

  • Co-Chairs: Megan Bumb; Kristin Hacket
    Debate Co-Chairs: Roman Galper; Ishrat Ruhi
    Secretary: Josephine Dongbang
    Treasurer: TBD
    Social Chair/Community Outreach: Delaney Rohan


    The American Civil Liberties Union chapter of Brooklyn Law School (BLS ACLU) is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the principles and values embodied in the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution, and the New York State Constitution. BLS ACLU has initiated various projects and will continue to hold lectures, debates, community outreach (voter registration drives, etc), as well as other meaningful events.

  • Co-Chair: Tess Bonoli; Sali Salfiti
    Vice President: Jed Russell
    Secretary: Mackenzie Warner
    Treasurer: Shieva Salehnia
    Artistic Directors: Josh Walters; David Amar

    Website: Located on TWEN

    The Art Law Association (ALA) provides a forum for students, faculty, and practitioners, to explore and debate the wide range of legal issues associated with the creation, collection, presentation, and preservation of the visual arts. The ALA promotes these goals by organizing and publicizing art law events and networking opportunities on campus and in and out of New York City.

  • President: Katherine Zhang
    Vice President: Jimmy Kang
    Secretary: Deborah Jeng
    Treasurer: Judy Kim
    Academic Chairs: Asmika Dangol; Menglei (Sherry) Zhang
    Alumni Chairs: Thuy-an (TA) Nguyen; Jonathan Wong
    Social Chair: Theresa Dinh
    Publicity Chair: Josephine Dongbang


    Please visit our Facebook page and friend us to stay up to date with our upcoming events.

    The Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA) is dedicated to serving the BLS student community by providing service opportunities and events in the areas of academics, professional and career development, community service, cultural awareness, and social events. APALSA offers a variety of resources to its members, including a blue book quiz review, final exam preparation, and outline distributions. APALSA also offers several social events throughout the year including mixers, cultural nights, dinners, and happy hours. Additionally, APALSA provides valuable mentorship and guidance to the incoming 1L students, whom are paired with 2Ls and 3Ls who devote their time and effort to assisting the 1L students with their transition into law school.

  • President: Desiree Alexander
    VP of Academic Affairs: Grace Nsofor
    VP of Alumni Relations: Stephanie Nicholas
    Secretary: Lauren Johnson
    Treasurer : Chimizie Ubozoh
    Community Service Chair: Taylor Poe
    Career Services Chair: (Cynthia) Cece Cuza-Howard
    Public Relations Chair: Liya Huluka
    Social Chair: Nathan Cole

    The purpose of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA) is to serve the needs of the black law student, the black attorney, and the black community. It works with local units at other law schools to promote the professional needs of minority communities, and foster and encourage political and community involvement.

  • President: Robert Raghunath

    The BLS Basketball Association is a club devoted to helping BLS students play basketball. The organization will host weekly open basketball games in Brooklyn and register teams for the Law School Division of the Laywers basketball league every spring. The club will also host various fundraisers and social events throughout the year.

  • TBD

    The Brooklyn Law School Democrats are committed to raising awareness of the effects of politics on law-making. It encourages students to become politically involved through participation in campaigns, election-day actvities, and campaign training sessions. The organization invites political speakers and organizes symposia to bring current political issues into legal debate at BLS.

  • Co-Presidents: Eli Gewirtz; Mike Yazdanpanah
    Co-Vice President: Andrew Bershtein
    : Tony Tsenesidis
    Secretary: Zarah Naqvi

  • President: Chloe Rommes
    Vice President: Seth Nirenberg
    Secretary: Aaron Kurtzer
    Fundraising Chair: Francis Michielli
    Treasurer: Michael Hopkins
    Communications Chair: Evan Hallal
    1L Delegate: Joseph Dalli

    The BLS Softball Organization is a club devoted to playing softball. The organization will consist of a number of softball teams who will meet for practices and scrimmage one another. The softball organization will also register teams for various law school softball tournaments including the Fordham Law School tournament, the NYU tournament, and the UVA tournament (The World Series of Law School Softball). In addition to playing softball, the BLS Softball Organization will also host various fundraisers and social events throughout the year in order to fund our entrance into aforesaid tournaments, especially the UVA Law School Softball Tournament.

  • President: Stephanie Michael
    Vice President: Zack Goldberg
    Secretary: Nicole Vescova
    Treasurer: Taylor Poe
    Publicity Chair: TBD

  • President: Alexi Knock
    Vice President: Andrew Fleming
    Treasurer: Pearl Shah
    Secretary: TBD
    Business & Finance Chair: Kristyn Fields
    Assistant Business & Finance Chair: Kristen Lin
    Co-Bankruptcy Chair: Palak Patel
    Co-Bankruptcy Chair: Annemarie Mierzejewski
    Corporate & Securities Chair: Valerie Geffrard
    Assistant Corporate & Securities Chair: James Foley
    Co-Alumni Chair: Vaughn Bobb-Willis
    Co-Alumni Chair: Anya Tirelli
    Public Relations Chair: Elise Morales

    Primary Email:

    The Brooklyn Business Law Association (BBLA) is a student organization at Brooklyn Law School (BLS) made up of students interested in the practice of business law.  BBLA seeks to provide educational, social and networking opportunities for its members and the greater BLS community with the goals of (i) giving students an opportunity to better understand various business law practices – including but not limited to the areas of bankruptcy law, commercial law, financial law, corporate law and securities law – and (ii) providing students with opportunities to meet fellow students, BLS alumni and other practitioners interested in or involved in the practice of business law.

  • Presidents: Keith Bloyd; Miriam Kavalerchik
    Vice Presidents: Leah Norod; Vaughn Bobb-Willis
    Treasurer: Sophia Hephesteau
    Secretary: Brittany Rubino
    Media: Victoria Pontecorvo
    Sports: MacKenzie Goepel; Chris Mull
    Alumni: Courtney Hargrove; Bridget Hart

    BESLS educates members on current legal issues in the entertainment industry and provides networking opportunities for members and alumni with an interest in entertainment law.

  • Co-Presidents: Daniel Chertok; Amir Kadri
    Vice President of Events Planning: Daria Spieler
    Vice President of Community Outreach: Benjamin Brash
    Treasurer: Michael Seiden
    Alumni Chair: Benjamin Chananie
    Director of External Affairs/Co-Founder: TBD
    Director of Student Relations/Co-Founder: TBD
    Director of Special Events/Co-Founder: TBD

    The Brooklyn Law Entrepreneurs (BLE) seeks to connect our law students with start-ups, investors and attorneys who work closely with rising businesses across the spectrum. In addition to hosting events that bring together these various stakeholders, we engage in multiple discussions addressing issues facing the start-up community.

  • President: Darryn Fitzgerald
    Vice President: Michelle Grecco
    Secretary/Alumni Chairman: Menglei Zhang
    Treasurer: Dariya Dolubkova

    The Brooklyn Law Immigration Society (BLIS) shall provide a forum for discussing, learning about, and seeking opportunities in immigration and nationality law for students interested in this field.  BLIS will achieve this through our educational speakers series as well as peer-to-peer social networks, networking information sessions and updates on relevant local conventions and current legal developments.

  • Co-Chairs: Brenden Ross; Kyla Burke-Lazarus
    Treasurers: David Craft; Katie Crisona
    Assistant Treasurer: Katie Crisona
    Secretary: Ken Zwerin
    Auction/Alumni Co-Chairs: Kelsey Russo; Megan Bumb; Hannah Rogers
    Community Development: Nicolo Taormia; Nathan Cole; Delaney Rohan
    Fellowship Chair: Claire Gavin
    Mentorship Co-Chairs: Tanvee Trehan; Taylor Poe
    Part-Time and Accelerated Student Liaison: Tashmin Rahman
    Pro Bono Co-Chairs: Rebecca Richman; Suzanna Talbot
    Publicity Chair: Charles Huynh

    General email:

    Brooklyn Law Students for the Public Interest (BLSPI) is a student-run, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization at Brooklyn Law School that encourages and enables student participation in public interest and public service legal work.

    BLSPI provides both legal and non-legal opportunities for engagement at BLS.  We are committed to finding opportunities for students to explore public interest legal careers, which we facilitate through a mentorship program for incoming students and by bringing in lawyers and alumni to speak and interact with students about their practice through our programming.  We also provide much-needed funding through fellowships for summer internships for first- and second-year students, as well as bar course grants for graduating students pursuing public interest legal careers.

    Additionally, BLSPI offers a common tie between the many on-campus pro bono organizations and the Brooklyn community.  We organize a number of charity drives throughout the year, often working with other student groups, including: blood drives, canned food drives, clothing drives, Halloween candy drives for children living in domestic violence shelters, and voter registration drives. BLSPI will also organize a number of days of service this coming year.

  • President: Maribeth Smith
    Vice President: Jordan Vogel
    Secretary: Evaline Cho
    Treasurer: David Craft
    Alumni Chair: David Choi
    Social Chair: Tien Tran
    Ministry Chair: Sarah Baker

    General Email:

    The Christian Legal Society chapter provides fellowship among believers and works to increase understanding of the relationship between faith and law. Members meet weekly for Bible study and periodically with other Christian students for fellowship and community service. All students are welcome to attend.

  • President: Andrew Bershtein
    Co-Vice Presidents: Marcin Nadgorski; Joel Goldenberg
    Treasurer: Gillian Serby
    Secretary: Anastassia Zimina

    The Eastern European Law Students Association (EELSA) provides a support and networking system for the community of law students from the former USSR and other Eastern European countries at Brooklyn Law School. EELSA also promotes Eastern European heritage throughout the Law School by sponsoring cultural events on and off campus as well as sponsoring guest speakers throughout the year. EELSA also strives to provide assistance to members of the local Eastern European community through collaboration with local community agencies.

  • Co-Chairs: Asmika Dangol; Stephanie Michael

    The Education Law and Policy Society is a student-run organization that aims to raise awareness, advance dialogue and encourage advocacy in issues related to education law. We do so by connecting like-minded Brooklyn Law School students, facilitating roundtable discussions with education law professionals and organizing pro bono activities. We intend to harness the energy surrounding school reform and the burgeoning charter school movement and envision creative roles that attorneys can play in furthering the goals of education equity.

  • President: Maria Ryden
    Vice-President: Jason Cohen
    Secretary: Christina D'Cruz
    Treasurer: Libbi Vilher
    1L Delegate: Elisa Yim
    Land Use Chair: TBD
    Natural Resources Chair: TBD

    The Brooklyn Law School Environmental Law Society is comprised of students and faculty members whose interests and experiences include environmental law, international law, the laws of war and bio-terrorism, real estate law, and land use and zoning laws. The ELS strives to create professional opportunities for its members by hosting events where students can meet with leading experts in a variety of fields.

  • President: Brittany Geiger
    Vice President: TBD
    Treasurer: TBD
    Secretary: TBD
    Event Co-Chairs: TBD
    Publicity Chair: TBD

  • President: Steven Ballew
    Vice-President: Erin Burns
    Secretary: Katherine Stewart
    Treasurer: Andrew Flemming

    The Federalist Society is a non-partisan conservative and libertarian organization dedicated to freedom, federalism, and judicial restraint. The Federalist Society seeks to educate the legal community through its programs and publications about how limited constitutional government based on the rule of law can have a positive effect on law and public policy.

  • Co-Chairs: TBD
    Treasurer: TBD
    Secretary: TBD

    The Health Law and Policy Association (HLPA) is a student-run organization that seeks to raise awareness, encourage dialogue, and increase student involvement in issues related to health law and policy. Goals of the organization include connecting students with health law professionals and volunteering opportunities, facilitating discussion of health care issues through panels, debates, and other events, and uniting students with similar interests in the field of health law.

  • President: Robin Warren
    Vice President: Marissa Potts
    Secretary: Shieva Salehnia
    Treasurer: Nick DeLisa
    Events & Social Media Coordinator: Dwana Dixon
    Alumni Coordinator: Miriam Kavalerchik

    IPLA was established to increase BLS student body awareness of the cutting edge issues and opportunities that arise in Intellectual Property and Technology Law. IPLA accomplishes this through academic events, alumni interaction, roundtable discussions, and other events that focus specifically on the interests of our members.

  • President: Sara Dejam
    Vice President: Andrew Bershtein
    Treasurer: Stephanie Kahn
    Networking Chairs: Joseph Dalli; Justin Crayton
    Tryout Chair: Nathan Boone
    1L Delegate: Stephanie Kahn
    Social Chair: Christie McGuinness
    Secretary: Salman Malik

    The International Law Society promotes the awareness, study, and understanding of international law and related issues. The society aims to educate students about the significance of international legal issues and publicize internships, educational, and career opportunities in this field. It holds regularly scheduled meetings and host guest speakers and panel discussions on various issues of international law.

  • Co-Chairs: Christie McGuinness; Austin Minogue; John McKay
    Vice President: John O'Donnell
    Treasurer: Travis Marmara
    Secretary: Jayne Dampf

    The Irish Society is dedicated to the furtherance of Irish heritage. Its goal is to increase Irish-American participation in the legal profession and to help promote relationships between its members and practicing Irish lawyers. The group will host various social activities and invite guest speakers throughout the year to help achieve these objectives.

  • Co-Presidents: Joseph Caldarera; Brittany Rubino
    Co-Vice Presidents: Justin Ruffini; Michael Conte
    Treasurer: Charles Franchini
    Secretary: Joseph Maurantonio
    Social Chair: Valarie Casali
    Co-Alumni Chairs: Joseph Dalli; Joseph Guardino

    The Italian American Law Students Association sponsors parties in and out of school, sporting events, an annual dinner dance, and a speakers program. Its goal is social service and the encouragement of greater participation by Italian-Americans in the legal profession.

  • President: Eli Gewirtz
    Vice President: Joel Goldenberg
    Secretary: Michelle Lerner
    Treasurer: Yisroel Katz
    Alumni Representative: Eli Damatov

    The Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA) is a cultural, social, educational, and religious organization that reflects the varied interests of the Jewish student community of Brooklyn Law School.  JLSA sponsors a variety of educational and social activities designed to increase students' knowledge of Jewish issues, customs, and holidays. It also hosts various social activities and frequently invites speakers to address current cultural, religious, and political issues.

  • President: Courtney Osborn
    Vice President – Internal: Kat Arango
    Vice President – External: Myra Din
    Treasurer: Alex White
    Secretary: Haley Tynes
    Alumni Chairs: Nicole Zolla; Nicole Mormilo
    Event Chair: Austin Murphy
    Director of Public Relations: Brittany Rubino

  • Co-Chairs: Ginna Barrios Aguero; Raul Galan
    Vice President: Jose Andres Jaime
    Treasurer: Robert Raghunath
    Secretary: Natalie Colon
    Community Action Chair: Ellen Piris Perez
    Alumni Chairs
    : Stephanie Robayo; Christopher Velez
    Social Chair: Herberth Melendez

    The Latin American Law Students Association (LALSA) seeks to increase the awareness and performance of Latin American students at BLS through our mentoring program, workshops, and presentations on topics of current interest and importance. Members enhance communication with the local Latin American community through our established public service program, and also work to create and foster strong connections with the greater legal community.

  • Co-Chairs: Caroline Roe; Claire Gavin
    Treasurer: Katie Crisona
    Pro-Bono Chair: Tanvee Trehan
    Secretary: Ashley Minett

    Law Students for Reproductive Justice is dedicated to ensuring access to medically accurate, age-appropriate, culturally competent sex and sexuality education, as well as comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including prenatal care, postnatal care, contraception, abortion services, and alternative reproductive technologies for women and men, free from coercion, discrimination and violence.

  • Co-Chairs: Kaela Mahon; Kara Matejov
    Secretary: TBD
    Treasurer: TBD
    1L Treasurer: TBD
    Alumni Coordinator: TBD
    Social Co-Chairs: TBD
    Uncontested Divorce: TBD
    CAP Co-Chairs: TBD
    Educational Program Coordinator: TBD

    LAW is an organization committed to mobilizing law students in action concerning issues that affect women and the law. Some of its programs and projects include: the fight against domestic and international violence against women, access to reproductive choice and family planning, pay and career equity, women-friendly workplaces, and judicial nominations.

  • President: TBD

    The LL.M. Association (LLMA) serves as a resource for the LL.M., international and exchange students at Brooklyn Law School for adjusting to life at an American law school. LLMA's mission is to create a strong, global network and assist international students and lawyers who wish to pursue their legal careers within the United States. The Association hosts networking events, panel discussions and workshops and also publicizes internship and career opportunities.

  • Co- Founder and Chairman: TBD
    Co-Founder and President: TBD
    Secretary: TBD
    Vice President: TBD
    Treasurer: TBD

  • President: TBD
    Vice President: TBD
    Alumni Chair: TBD
    Treasurer: TBD
    Secretary: TBD

    MLSA seeks to increase effective Muslim participation and representation in the legal field by providing a supportive atmosphere for incoming and current Muslim students. It aims to provide professional networking opportunities, maintain a growing network via MLSA alumni, and build a bridge between Muslims and non-Muslims through educational and cultural exchange.

  • Co-Chairs: Crystal Peters; Jerehme Bamberger; Charli Cleland; Delaney Rohan; Christopher Antonelli

  • President: TBD
    Vice President: TBD
    Treasurer: TBD
    Academic and Events Chairs: TBD
    Social Media and Internet Chair: TBD
    Secretary: TBD

    The National Security Law Society is a non-partisan student organization that aims to foster interest and understanding in the area of national security law.  Our main functions include sponsoring related speakers and events, assisting members in their pursuit of a career in national security law, and providing an open forum for members to discuss the legal aspects of U.S. national security policy and foreign affairs.

  • Co-Chairs: TBD
    Treasurer: TBD
    Alumni Co-Chairs: TBD

    OUTLaws is a student organization that serves the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and straight allies within the BLS community. Our organization sponsors frequent educational, political and social events throughout the year as we aim to foster connections with the BLS student body, BLS alumni, and the legal profession at large. Our primary goals are to inform the Law School community about legal issues affecting LGBTQ rights, increase the visibility of LGBTQ persons within the legal profession, support BLS students who identify as LGBTQ, and raise funds to offset costs at LGBTQ-related endeavors for our members. In short, OUTLaws advocates for the inclusion of multiple perspectives within the Law School and pursues solidarity with allies within the community.

  • President: TBD
    Vice President: TBD
    Secretary: TBD
    Treasurer: TBD
    Events Chair: TBD

    The Parents Association is an organization committed to the Brooklyn Law School community. It is dedicated to creating a network for Brooklyn Law School students who are parents, and for offering support in managing family life with successful careers.

  • Magister (President): Andrew Fleming
    Vice Magister (Vice President): Alexi Knock
    Historian (Secretary): Stephen DiGregoria
    Exchequer (Treasurer): Kristen Lin
    Social Chair: Ashley Minett
    Events Committee: Frank Michielli
    Alumni Relations Committee: Dina Kupfer
    Ethics Programming Committee: Charles Huynh
    Fundraising: Bridget Hart

    Website: (Phi Delta Phi National Organization Website)
    BLSConnect Site: Phi Delta Phi
    Phi Delta Phi is an international legal fraternity that seeks to promote the highest standard of ethics and professionalism in law schools and the legal profession. Each local chapter is required to complete community service projects and organize an annual school-wide Ethics Week.

  • Co-Chair & Treasurer: Jose Andres Jaime
    Co-Chairs: Clarissa Palmer; Tien-kha Tan
    Secretary: Ellen Piris Perez
    Events Chairs: Crystal Peters; Victor Montemayor
    Philanthropy Chair: Jonathan Soto

  • Co-Presidents: Prianka Patel; Zarah Naqvi
    Vice President: Tashmin Rahman
    Treasurer: Salman Malik
    Secretary: Palak Patel
    Alumni Chair: Pearl Shah
    Academic Chair: Sheena Ramroop
    Social Chair: Neeti Sachdev

    General email:

    SALSA's vision is to serve the cultural, religious, community, social, and professional needs of our South Asian Law Students. SALSA will continue working with the South Asian Bar Association of New York and SALSA organizations across the city to foster relationships among our peers and promote community-based projects that address the growing legal needs of underrepresented South Asians in New York.

  • Co-Chair: Ellie Pinto
    Vice Chair: Emma Carlson
    Co-Chair/ Treasurer: Alycia Egan-Dolan

    The Brooklyn Law School SALDF is dedicated to providing a forum for education, advocacy, and scholarship aimed at protecting the lives and advancing the interests of animals through the legal system, and raising the profile of the field of animal law.

  • Co-Chairs: Melaney Rebello; Jason Rubenfeld
    Alumni Chair: Taylor Lietz
    Events Chair: Nikki Aronson
    Treasurer: Jenna Spelke
    Secretary: Jacey Gottlieb
    1L Rep: Erin McMullan

  • President: David Mazzuca
    Vice President of Finance: Matt Hamapour
    Vice Presidents of Community Service-VITA: Jennifer Collins; Sang Lee
    Vice President of Alumni Programming: Angela Jun
    Vice Presidents of Career Development: Joyce Ma; Charles Huynh
    Vice President of Alumni Relations: Open for 1L

    The Tax Law Association was formed in order to provide networking opportunities for those interested in tax law, to encourage interest in the field of tax by hosting talks by specialized experts in the field, and to give Law School students a chance to participate in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program sponsored by the IRS.

Brooklyn Law School - Robert J. Raghunath '16 Student Bar Association President 2015-2016

Robert J. Raghunath
BLS - J.D. Candidate 2016
SBA President 2015-2016

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Robert J. Raghunath
Student Bar Association
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