A Noble Calling


A Noble Calling

Defending the rights of those who are unable to defend themselves. Ensuring equal access to justice. Working for the greater good. We believe these are the responsibilities — and the privileges — of every attorney.

Preparing lawyers for the challenges of public service has been part of the Brooklyn Law School mission since our founding in 1901. We have created one of the nation’s leading public service programs. What sets us apart, first and foremost, is our accomplished public service faculty and their unparalleled wealth of experience in this area, an in-depth curriculum, and acclaimed fellowships, including the prestigious Edward V. Sparer Public Interest Law Fellowship. Our generous grants and loan repayment plans enable students to pursue their social justice goals.

We have a robust public service community that is championed by our dedicated Public Service Office. The Office is an invaluable resource, providing individual counseling and information on summer and academic year externships, steering students toward pro bono opportunities, and helping students apply for postgraduate fellowships as well as employment opportunities.

You will also benefit from a large network of alumni who are generous in their support of our students. Even those students who do not pursue a career in the field will gain a stronger commitment to ongoing work for the greater good while at Brooklyn Law School.