The Evolution of Information


The Evolution of Information

On a weekly basis there are opportunities for you to participate in a deeper level of study through the many seminars, lectures, and roundtable discussions. Some of these forums are arranged through two active student organizations on campus: The Intellectual Property Association and the Brooklyn Entertainment and Sports Law Society. The programs offer a sophisticated dialogue on a wide range of areas, from music publishing and entertainment, to patents, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and licensing.

One noteworthy program held every year is the Media and Society Lecture, which draws luminaries from the world of media to discuss a broad range of issues. The most recent lecture was given by Alan Grubman ’67, of Grubman Indursky & Shire, who discussed the intricacies of entertainment law, the structure of a deal, and the different roles played by managers, agents, and music publishers in the industry.

Some of the outstanding past speakers include: Lawrence Jacobs '81, Sr Executive President of News Corp., President of the Dramatists Guild of America John Weidman, former CEO of The New York Times Company Russell Lewis ‘73, economic journalist and business forecaster Knight Kiplinger, former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt, and New York Times journalists Linda Greenhouse, Anthony Lewis, and Sam Roberts.

Students also work closely as research assistants with faculty members working on publications and manuscripts. Professor Jason Mazzone describes the level of exchange with his students as being so advanced that “it is akin to working with colleagues rather than students, based on their level of knowledge and expertise. I learn as much from them as they do from me.”