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  • 07.19.18 Brittany Bell ‘18 Garners Media Attention for Research on Genetic Data Collection
    Brittany Bell '18

    Long before Facebook faced backlash over unauthorized use of its users’ data, Brittany Bell ’18 was exploring privacy issues related to the collection and use of personal genetic information by companies such as and Fitbit. When she learned that genetic information collected by these companies did not enjoy the same protection under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) as do medical records gathered by doctors she decided to focus on this topic for her upperclass writing requirement.

  • 05.23.18 Students in Federal Prosecutor Clinic Secure Conviction
    Prosecutors Clinic

    Students in the Brooklyn Law School Prosecutor Clinic in the Eastern District of New York (EDNY) recently secured a conviction after a bench trial before Magistrate Judge Steven L. Tiscione. The defendant was charged with a simple assault that occurred on an airplane traveling from Ft. Lauderdale to La Guardia Airport last August after he rubbed and squeezed the victim’s thigh throughout the flight. 

  • 03.06.18 TSI Symposium Explores Latest in Trade Secrets Law in the Age of Algorithmic Decision-Making
    TSI Fellows

    Trade secrets now play a central role in both the economy and public policy. Trade secret enforcement has grown to straddle the boundary between civil and criminal law, while algorithmic decision-making—often including secret proprietary code—is widely used in criminal prosecution and everyday government services. Distinguished scholars and practitioners gathered at the Law School in February to discuss these and other recent developments in trade secret law.  

  • 03.05.18 Marvin Espana ’18 Helps Achieve Major Victory for Immigrant Worker
    Marvin Espana '18

    Thanks to the efforts of Marvin Espana ’18, a building porter who often worked seven days a week in exchange for a free room in the basement of a building but was never paid a salary was awarded more than $43,000 in unpaid wages after he filed a claim with the New York Department of Labor (DOL).

  • 03.01.18 Alexa Bordner ’18 Honored with Burton Distinguished Legal Writing Award
    Alexa Bordner ’18

    Alexa Bordner ’18, executive articles editor for the Brooklyn Law Review, was one of 10 law school students nationally to receive the Burton Distinguished Legal Writing Award. She was honored for her note, How New York Drinks: If and How Third-Party Providers Can Integrate with the Three-Tier System, which appeared Volume 83, Issue 1 (2017) of the Brooklyn Law Review.

  • 01.19.18 Law School Welcomes LL.M. Students for First January Session
    Law School Welcomes LL.M. Students for First January Session

    The Law School welcomed five new LL.M. students in January as part of its newly expanded program. Salah Shawa ‘19 of Syria by way of Dubai, Kinga Kurzyna ’18 of Poland, Pranvera Xhafaj ‘19 of Albania, Bindiya Krishnan ’19 of India, and Muhammad Ahmad ’19 of Pakistan began their program with an intensive course in Fundamentals of American Law.