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    04.19.18 Professor William Araiza Keynote at Stetson Law Symposium to be Webcast
    Bill Araiza

    Professor William Araiza will be the keynote speaker and his latest book, Animus: A Short Introduction to Bias in the Law (NYU Press 2017), will be featured at a symposium hosted by Stetson Law Review on Friday, April 20, that will be available to view by webcast.

    The event will explore the role of animus in the Supreme Court’s recent equal protection jurisprudence, including United States v. Windsor and Obergefell v. Hodges, as well as its implications for religious freedoms and workplace law. The symposium can be viewed for free via webcast. 

    Joining Araiza at Friday’s program on a panel discussing “Animus and the Religion Clauses” will be Professor Nelson Tebbe, who teaches and writes on constitutional law, religious freedom, legal theory, and professional responsibility.

    More information on the event and instructions for viewing the webcast are here.   
    Read more about Professor Araiza’s scholarship on animus in the law here.