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    02.12.18 Dean Nick Allard Profiled in ABA Publication Highlighting Lawyers Working in the Public Interest

    Dean Nick Allard is featured in the American Bar Association’s Division for Public Services Winter 2017-2018 Newsletter, which reaches thousands of members of the ABA’s Division for Public Services comprising distinguished legal scholars, judges, lawyers in the public interest community, private firm practitioners, corporate and government analysts, health professionals, scientists, and economists.

    The Public Interest Law Profile “honors the accomplishments of ABA lawyers…who are dedicating their time and energy to the public interest.” Reflecting on his career, Allard discusses his life-long passion for the law, the people and events that have influenced him most, transition from the private sector to academia, and advice for law students and lawyers at varied career stages.

    “I cannot remember a time when I did not want to be a lawyer,” Allard said. “I also have been privileged to work with, learn from, and be inspired by some of the giants of recent American history…leading educators…leaders in the private sector…and in the arts, another one of my passions.”

    Read more:
    Public Interest Law Profile – Nicholas Allard