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    12.18.17 Federal Judge Arthur Spatt ‘49 Still Serving at Age 92
    Federal Judge Arthur Spatt ‘49

    Arthur Spatt ’49, U.S. District Court Judge of the Eastern District of New York, is the subject of a New York Law Journal “Still Serving” profile, a series that takes a look at active judges who are older than 90. Spatt, 92, a World War II veteran, attended Brooklyn Law School on the G.I. Bill. He was nominated to the federal bench by President George H.W. Bush in 1989.

    Spatt said he finds it remarkable that he is one of four WWII veterans still serving in the Eastern District, including fellow Brooklyn Law School graduate Judge I. Leo Glasser ’48, who is going strong at 93.

    “We live well, take care of ourselves and have had good fortune,” he told NYLJ, adding that he exercises daily and eats moderately. However, he admits to a Brooklyn influence in his diet, often topping off his lunch at work with a black and white cookie.

    Read the profile here.