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    11.20.17 Dean Nick Allard Discusses High-profile Cases on RNN TV Legal Affairs Show
    Dean Allard

    Dean Nick Allard discussed several headline-grabbing legal topics, including the Connecticut Supreme Court hearing in the Sandy Hook case against gunmaker Remington and the deadlocked jury in the case against New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, on the Nov. 15 edition of the Emmy Award-winning public affairs program “Richard French Live,” which reaches 6.5 million viewers across the Tri-State area.

    Speaking with host Richard French about the unique immunity afforded to firearms manufacturers under U.S. law that protects them from being held liable when crimes have been committed with their products, Allard highlighted several exceptions that might be applied to the benefit of the Sandy Hook plaintiffs. He cited an amicus brief filed by law professors, including Professor Anita Bernstein, which makes a compelling case against the gunmakers on the grounds of negligent entrustment.

    “This is not a Second Amendment question, it’s a question of who pays,” Allard said. “Who bears the cost of the misuse of an inherently dangerous product? The plaintiffs are arguing that right now the only party who bears the cost in our society is the party that suffers. A lot of us think that is not the appropriate circumstance.”

    Allard also discussed the hung jury in the Menendez case, providing insight into possible defense strategies.

    “Either you punch holes in the prosecution’s case or you write your own narrative, and that is what they have done,” he said. “The narrative is that this is standard political service and, given the recent cases, it is harder and harder to get a conviction when this argument is made.”

    In other segments of the program, Allard discussed the controversy over U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama and the firing of a Dallas Assistant District Attorney after her tirade against an Uber driver was caught on tape.

    Allard appeared on the Aug. 30 edition of the program to discuss President Trump’s legal team.

    "Richard French Live" features discussions of news, the law, and public policy with politicians, pundits and personalities, including President Barack Obama and other national and regional newsmakers.

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