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    10.05.17 Professor William Araiza Discusses Major Upcoming SCOTUS Cases in Interview with RNN TV
    Araiza cropped

    Professor William Araiza was interviewed about the major cases to watch in the upcoming term of the Supreme Court of the United States on the Emmy Award-winning public affairs program, “Richard French Live,” on RNN news network.

    Speaking with host Richard French about the SCOTUS docket that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has described as “momentous,” Araiza highlighted four cases that may have significant legal and societal implications. These included Gill v. Whitford, a gerrymandering case in Wisconsin, and Carpenter v. United States, which raises the question of whether the government violates the Fourth Amendment by accessing an individual’s cell phone location records without a warrant. Both cases were also addressed during the Law School’s recent Constitution Day celebration with Araiza and Professors Joel Gora and Susan Herman.

    Araiza also discussed Janus v. AFSCME, a case that challenges compulsory union dues and could serve as a major blow to organized labor, as well as Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis, Ernst & Young LLP v. Morris, and NLRB v. Murphy Oil USA, Inc., which will decide whether employers have the power to block class-action lawsuits by workers and channel disputes into arbitration.

    Araiza is a widely published expert on constitutional law and administrative law. In his recent book, Animus: A Short Introduction to Bias in the Law (NYU Press, 2017), he advances a structure that can guide courts in deciding if a government action is grounded in animus. He is also the author of  Enforcing the Equal Protection Clause: Congressional Power, Judicial Doctrine, and Constitutional Law (NYU Press, 2016).

    "Richard French Live," which reaches 6.5 million viewers across the Tri-State area, features discussions of news, the law, and public policy with politicians, pundits and personalities, including President Barack Obama and other national and regional newsmaker.

    Watch the interview:
    Richard French Live – Brooklyn Law School Professor William Araiza discusses notable cases in the upcoming Supreme Court term