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    08.31.17 Dean Nick Allard Discusses the President’s Legal Team in TV Interview

    Dean Nick Allard was interviewed about President Trump’s legal team on the Emmy Award-winning public affairs program, “Richard French Live,” which reaches 6.5 million viewers across the Tri-State area.

    Speaking with host Richard French, Allard drew upon his three decades of experience in law, politics, and higher education to describe the challenges facing the President’s counsel in going up against a formidable legal team assembled by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate the administration’s ties to Russia.

    “It is really a curiosity that this White House has not lawyered up in the way that every President has,” Allard said, citing examples from previous presidential administrations.

    "Richard French Live" features discussions of news, the law, and public policy with politicians, pundits and personalities, including President Barack Obama and other national and regional newsmakers.

    Watch here:
    Richard French Live – Brooklyn Law School Dean Nick Allard discusses President Trump's legal team