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    06.28.17 Journal of Law and Policy Free Speech Symposium Issue Receives Praise
    Professor Joel Gora

    The recent issue of the Brooklyn Law School Journal of Law and Policy devoted to the Law School’s February 2016 Free Speech Symposium received praise from the popular legal blog Concurring Opinions

    “When it comes to First Amendment symposia, Brooklyn Law School seems to be the go-to-venue, at least judging from the latest issue of the Law School’s Journal of Law and Policy,” wrote Concurring Opinions blogger Ronald K.L. Collins. The symposium was done under the watchful eye of Professor Joel Gora, who authored the Introduction — ‘The Past, Present and Future of Free Speech.’” The symposium “Free Speech Under Fire: The Future of the First Amendment” had previously been named the best scholarly conference of 2016 by Concurring Opinions.  

    Gora wrote in his introduction to the issue: “This may be a historic moment for the First Amendment. In 2016, a landmark Supreme Court ruling [Buckley v. Valeo] turned forty, the Supreme Court turned a corner, and First Amendment rights may turn out to be strengthened.”

    The issue, which includes articles by Professor K. Sabeel Rahman and Dean Nick Allard, also has piqued interest around the world. Through the first several weeks of June there have been nearly 500 downloads from the issue, more than six dozen of which were from outside the United States.

    The Journal of Law and Policy is a scholarly journal of analysis and commentary whose mission is to promote the debate of law related issues and public policy through the publication of articles written by legal scholars, law students, and distinguished members of the legal and policymaking communities.

    Watch the symposium here.

    Must-Read Journal of Law and Policy Symposium on Buckley at 40, Campaign Finance and Free Speech, Election Law Blog, July 24, 2017