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    06.26.17 Aimee Richter ’93 Named President of Brooklyn Bar Association
    Aimee Richter

    Aimee Richter ’93 was sworn in as the new president of the Brooklyn Bar Association on June 14. Richter plans to use her new position to bring more young lawyers into the BBA community.

    Richter has been practicing matrimonial and family law for 23 years and is currently a partner at Lee Anav Chung White Kim Ruger & Richter where she co-chairs the family law and matrimonial law practice with her partner Judy White. She began her career working for Steven Cohn ’73 of Goldberg & Cohn, who became her first mentor. After a decade working with Cohn, she became a member of Isaacs & Richter and then Bender Rosenthal & Richter.  

    Richter is a special master in the Appellate Division, First Department, and sits on the Character and Fitness Committee for the Appellate Division, Second Department.

    At the swearing-in ceremony at Brooklyn Borough Hall, Richter, who joined the BBA at age 25 and previously served as its treasurer, stressed the importance of bar membership to young lawyers. Richter said that after her remarks about 20 young lawyers approached her with interest in joining.

    “I’m not sure whether younger lawyers understand the benefit of a bar association—I don’t know if they know what we can do for them, or what they can do for us,” she said. “That’s my platform: to partner with all of the local bar associations and law schools as a way to get the young lawyers in and help them understand the benefits.”

    Richter is putting together a series of events for BBA’s Young Lawyer section in the next few months and plans to send out a short survey to all members about the future of the bar association. She also hopes to visit the Law School to speak with 3Ls about the benefits of joining a bar association.

    “It’s up to us to figure out a way to make it more attractive to them, since they are the future of the legal industry,” she said.