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    03.29.17 Nicole George-Middleton ’01 Makes Music Power List
    Nicole George-Middleton

    Calling her “truly the woman behind the music,” named Nicole George-Middleton ’01, ASCAP Senior Vice President, to its list of Most Powerful Women in Hip-Hop and Entertainment.

    She was cited for her many accomplishments in the industry, such as nurturing and signing some of the biggest names in music, including Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Fetty Wap, and creating ASCAP’s Women Behind the Music series. She previously had been honored by Billboard as a top Woman in Music.

    “I believe when you’re in a position to give back and create opportunities for other people, you have to,” George-Middleton said. “So I make it a point to mentor or just lend an ear to young people who aspire to work in the music industry, whenever I can.”

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