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  • 02.22.17 TSI Symposium Tackles Tough Questions on Managing Employee Trade Secrets
    TSI Panel

    When Russell Beck, a partner at Beck Reed Riden, asked a roomful of students and attorneys at the Trade Secrets Institute (TSI) symposium “Working Knowledge: Managing Employee Trade Secrets,” on Feb. 15, whether they had ever left a job, almost every hand shot up. When he then asked whether anyone had taken trade secrets when they left a job, all but two hands went down. The reality however, Beck said, is that around 50 percent of employees take trade secrets with them – knowingly or unknowingly – when they switch from one employer to another.   read more

  • 02.21.17 Professor Roberta Karmel to Receive William O. Douglas Award
    photo of a professor

    Professor Roberta Karmel will be presented with the William O. Douglas Award at the 25th annual Association of Securities and Exchange Commission Alumni (ASECA) dinner on Feb. 24, in Washington, D.C.  read more

  • 02.17.17 Law School Launches Discussion Series on Presidential Powers
    Legal Lunch

    On Feb. 15, Brooklyn Law School launched Legal Lunches, a series of talks for the Law School community and the public about the critical legal issues arising under the current presidential administration.  read more

  • 02.13.17 Neuroscience Meets Law in Roundtable and Panel Discussion
    Neuroimaging discussion

    The Center for Health, Science and Public Policy held a panel discussion Feb. 3 on “Measured Experience: Neuroimaging, Consciousness, and the Law.” Participants discussed brain injuries, the ethics of pain and suffering, and how health insurance and rehabilitation rights might be drastically changed under the new presidential administration, among other topics.   read more

  • 02.08.17 Does a Bible Class in Public School Violate the Law? Professor Nelson Tebbe Weighs in on CBS News
    Professor Nelson Tebbe

    Professor Nelson Tebbe was interviewed for a CBS News story that aired Feb. 8 about a case involving a parents in West Virginia who are suing to end a bible class in public schools.   read more

  • 02.07.17 Brooklyn Law School Honors Distinguished Alumni at Annual Luncheon
    Alumni Luncheon 2017

    On Friday, Feb. 3, Brooklyn Law School alumni, faculty, trustees, and their guests gathered at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan for the annual Alumni Association Luncheon. Honored as Alumni of the Year were  William Gladstone ’55, former co-chief executive at Ernst & Young and president of the Tri-City ValleyCats baseball team, and Susan M. Karten ’83 of Susan M. Karten & Associates. This year’s Rising Stars were Anne del Castillo ’11, chief operating officer and general counsel in the New York City Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, and Erika Lorshbough ’12, legislative counsel at the New York Civil Liberties Union.  read more

  • 02.02.17 Race & the Law Week Events Held at Brooklyn Law School
    BLS logo square
    The student organization Brooklyn Law School for the Public Interest (BLSPI) presents 'A Seat at the Table' Race & the Law Week Feb. 6-10 during Black History Month.  read more
  • 02.01.17 Alumni Honored By New York State Bar Association
    Scales of justice

    Hon. John Leventhal ’79, Martin Minkowitz ’63, and William Thompson ’54 were among the recipients of awards presented at the New York State Bar Annual Meeting in January at the New York Hilton Midtown.   read more

  • 02.01.17 Lee Wellington ’13 on the Ground at JFK to Assist Those Affected by President’s Executive Order
    Leslie Wellington

    Leslie (Lee) Wellington ’13 is featured in a New York Magazine story about the quick action taken by individuals who organized protests and legal services at JFK airport to help passengers affected by the president’s executive order on immigration.   read more

  • 01.30.17 Dean Nick Allard Statement on Entry into the United States and the Rule of Law
    Dean Allard

    To the Brooklyn Law School Community:

    The short time since the Inauguration already has produced many trying days. Most recently, many of us are concerned about the President’s Executive Order regarding entry into the United States based on citizenship, religion, refugee status, and national origin.   read more

  • 01.27.17 Students Assist Asylum-seekers in Texas Immigration Proceedings
    Public Service students at Karnes County Residential Center

    In early January, on their third day at the Karnes County Residential Center—an immigrant detention center for women and children in Karnes City, Tex.—Marvin Espana ‘18 and Martyna Kaznowski ‘18 were pulled into a last-minute appeal. A mother had just been denied an opportunity to apply for asylum while her children had been approved. The children were scheduled to leave the detention center the next day, and the students had less than 30 minutes to conduct research before a judge would decide the family’s fate. The judge vacated the denial of the woman’s application, and Espana, Kaznowski, and four other Brooklyn Law School students had just a few minutes to celebrate before moving on to the next case.   read more

  • 01.27.17 Disability and Civil Rights Clinic Takes Aim at Health Insurance Company to Secure Client’s Civil Rights
    Professor Natalie Chin

    Lauren Wechsler, a 30-year-old-woman with severe developmental disabilities, is no longer confined to her home following the year-long advocacy of students in the Disability and Civil Rights Clinic, under the direction of Professors Natalie Chin and Amy Mulzer. Students challenged the discriminatory actions of two private health insurance companies that left Lauren homebound despite her ability to participate in the community.   read more

  • 01.26.17 Professor Maryellen Fullerton on BBC News Discusses the President’s Actions on Immigration
    Maryellen Fullerton

    Professor Maryellen Fullerton, an expert on asylum and refugee law, was recently a guest on a pair of BBC News programs: World Have Your Say and Newshour. On both programs, she discussed the president’s executive orders on immigration and refugees and building a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico.  read more

  • 01.17.17 Andrew Rausa ’13 Named to Forbes 30 Under 30 List
    Andrew Rausa

    Andrew Rausa ’13 has been named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Law and Policy list for his work at Facebook. Rausa serves as advertising and privacy counsel at the social media giant’s Menlo Park, CA office, where he moved after being recruited by Facebook in May 2016. There, he works with the company’s product, engineering, and business teams.   read more

  • 01.13.17 Business Boot Camp Offers Lessons for Lawyers and Entrepreneurs Alike
    Business Boot Camp 2017

    Brooklyn Law School held its annual Business Boot Camp in collaboration with Deloitte Financial Advisory Services and John P. Oswald ’84, president and CEO of the Capital Trust Group and a member of the Law School’s board of trustees. Now in its fifth year, the four-day “mini MBA” winter session course, led by Professor Michael Gerber, brought together industry experts, alumni, and students to discuss business issues often faced by lawyers and their clients.  read more

  • 01.11.17 Professor Arthur Pinto Quoted in Crain's on New York Court of Appeals Vacancy
    picture of a teacher

    Professor Arthur Pinto was quoted in the Jan. 11 Crain’s article “Cuomo remakes the state's highest court” on the governor’s overhaul of the New York Court of Appeals. With a judge’s recent retirement, Cuomo’s pick to fill the vacancy could tip the scales against employers in closely divided cases.  read more

  • 01.11.17 Professor K. Sabeel Rahman Quoted in The New York Times on Corporate Consolidations
    Brooklyn Law School Professor K. Sabeel Rahman

    Professor K. Sabeel Rahman was quoted in the Jan. 10 New York Times article, “Obama’s Work to Limit Mergers May Stop With Trump Administration.”  read more

  • 01.11.17 Professor Miriam Baer Elected to Membership in American Law Institute

    Professor Miriam Baer has been elected to membership in the American Law Institute. ALI is the leading independent organization in the United States producing scholarly work to clarify, modernize, and otherwise improve the law.  read more

  • 01.10.17 Professor David Reiss in Politico on President-elect’s Real Estate Holdings
    David Reiss

    Professor David Reiss was prominently quoted in the Jan. 9 Politico article, “Selling his empire would cost Trump money. A lot of it.  read more

  • 01.09.17 Timothy Sini ’05 Youngest Commissioner in Suffolk County Police Department History
    Timothy Sini

    A recent Newsday article chronicled the first year of service in office for Timothy Sini ’05, who at age 36 is the youngest commissioner in Suffolk County history.
      read more

  • 01.09.17 Professor Jocelyn Simonson Article a Top SSRN Download For Criminal Law eJournal
    Brooklyn Law School - Professor Jocelyn Simonson

    The article “Bail Nullification,” by Professor Jocelyn Simonson is the current SSRN top download for Criminal Law papers. SSRN is the world’s foremost open-access repository for scholarly research. The article will appear in the Michigan Law Review later this year.   read more

  • 01.09.17 Professor Stacy Caplow Op-ed on Immigration-related Executive Pardons in Miami Herald
    picture of a teacher

    An op-ed by Professor Stacy Caplow advocating executive pardons for currently law-abiding immigrants appeared in The Miami Herald on Jan. 8.   read more

  • 01.03.17 Rachel Freier ’05 Takes Office as Nation’s First Hasidic Woman as Civil Court Judge
    Rachel Freier

    Rachel “Ruchie” Freier ’05 was sworn in last month as the first Hasidic woman in New York State history to be elected a civil court judge. Her historic achievement has received national media attention following her victory in November in the Fifth Judicial District, which includes the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Kensington, Windsor Terrace, Sunset Park and Bay Ridge.     read more

  • 01.03.17 CUBE Director John Rudikoff ’06 Named to Brooklyn-Queens Connector Board
    Brooklyn Law School - John Rudikoff

    John Rudikoff ’06, CEO and managing director of the Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship at Brooklyn Law School, has been named to the board of directors of Friends of the Brooklyn Queens Connector, a non-profit group working to develop a new streetcar system connecting the two boroughs.  read more

  • 01.03.17 Professor Rebecca Kysar Op-ed on Constitutionality of Trump’s Tariff Plan Appears in The New York Times
    rebecca kysar

    In an op-ed in the Jan. 3 edition of The New York Times, Professor Rebecca Kysar examines why President-elect Donald Trump’s plan to impose a 5 to 10 percent tariff on imports through an executive order may not be constitutional.  read more