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    10.31.16 Professor Nelson Tebbe in The New York Times on the First Amendment and the Trump Name
    Professor Nelson Tebbe

    Professor Nelson Tebbe was quoted in a New York Times story on October 28 about First Amendment issues related to public and private organizations that are seeking to distance themselves from the Trump Organization name.

    In light of the presidential candidate’s controversial statements and proposals, residents of several Trump buildings on the Upper West Side are rallying to remove the name from their homes. The City of New York also has contemplated ending a contract with Trump at a Bronx golf course. The latter posed a constitutional problem, Tebbe said, adding that there might be a workaround: the concept of “mixed speech.”

    “If you think of the golf course as government speech because it is government land branded with the Trump name,” he said, “the city doesn’t have to associate itself with the Trump name and everything it stands for; it could say that the Trump name has come to stand for something it doesn’t want to communicate.” Similar arguments have been made by states that have rejected offensive license plates.

    Professor Tebbe teaches courses on constitutional law, religious freedom, legal theory and professional responsibility. His scholarship focuses on the relationship between religious traditions and constitutional law, both in the United States and abroad. His articles have appeared in Michigan Law Review, University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Virginia Law Review, and Cornell Law Review, among other scholarly journals.

    Read the story here.