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    09.30.16 Rachel Freier ’05 Makes History in Election for State Civil Court Seat
    Rachel Freier

    Rachel “Ruchie” Freier ’05 became the first Hasidic woman in New York State history to be elected as a civil court judge after winning the September primary for the seat in the Fifth Judicial District, which includes the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Kensington, Windsor Terrace, Sunset Park and Bay Ridge.

    “I feel like I have a mission and I’m an ambassador for so many other Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish women,” Freier told the Brooklyn Daily.

    Freier, who started her career as a legal secretary before becoming a paralegal and then attending Brooklyn Law School part time, has spent more than 30 years in legal and political service. In addition to practicing law in offices in Brooklyn and Monroe, NY, she served as a community board member in the Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. There Freier, who is a licensed paramedic, also founded an all-woman volunteer EMT agency, Ezras Nashim.

    She is a member of the New York City Family Court Attorney Volunteer Program and the New York State Bar Association Committee on Children and the Law. After graduating from the Law School, Freier founded several charities, including international relief organization Chasdei Devorah Inc. and B’Derech, which advocates for education in the Chassidic community. Freier, who emphasizes her role as a mother and grandmother as well as a legal professional and activist, was elected on Sept. 13 and she will take her seat on the bench in January.

    Read more here.