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    06.20.16 Kelsey Russo ’17 Authors Award-Winning Article for The National Law Review
    Kelsey Russo

    Media Technology: The Evolution of Journalism and the Constitutional Complications of Drone Reporting,” by Kelsey Russo ’17, was chosen by the National Law Review as winner of the publication’s Writing Competition.

    The article examines the legality of using drones in news reporting and whether this falls in the ethics of journalism.

    "Drones and other modern technologies are an invaluable asset to the quickly evolving broadcast industry, but are increasingly challenging the historical relationship between journalists and the law,” Russo said. “Legal culture must recalibrate so that it may justly balance the concerns and interests deriving from technological innovation." 

    Russo focuses on intellectual property and technology in her studies, and she will earn a Certification in Intellectual Property, Media and Information Law. She is an Articles Editor for the Brooklyn Law Review.  

    This spring she worked as an intern at the Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship (CUBE) in the Urban Economic Development Clinic, where she assisted local residents to start and grow their business.

    This summer, Russo is exploring technology law as an intern at Nielsen, working in-house as a data privacy intern, and she will serve as an intern at the Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy (BLIP) clinic during the fall semester.

    Read the article.