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    02.24.16 WNYC Features Debate on Apple/FBI Case in Dean Nick Allard’s Privacy Law Class
    Courtney Hargrove

    WNYC paid a visit recently to the Law School’s Privacy Law in a Digital Age class taught by Dean Nick Allard to cover a lively and timely presentation by four students who argued on behalf of Apple, the FBI, the victims of Syed Farook in the San Bernardino mass shooting in December, and a privacy-rights group. The other 38 students in the class served as the judges and voted 20-18 to reverse a federal magistrate’s order that Apple help the FBI break into Farook’s iPhone.

    Allard told the class: “Sometimes tough cases make bad law. And so if you're going to allow the intrusion in this case, where do you draw the line?”

    Listen to the story.

    Read the recap.