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    02.01.16 John Rudikoff ’06 Named to Lead Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship (CUBE)
    Brooklyn Law School - John Rudikoff

    John Rudikoff ’06, former general counsel and director of business development for the international architecture firm MASS (Model of Architecture Serving Society) Design Group, has been named CEO and managing director of CUBE (the Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship) at Brooklyn Law School. Rudikoff will lead CUBE’s operations and strategy, cultivate partnerships, and lead fundraising efforts to expand opportunities for student, faculty, and alumni.

    Founded in 2013, CUBE is an innovative legal consortium of clinics, course work, and programs that strive to prepare the next generation of lawyers to be dynamic advocates and counsel for new businesses. Recent programs have included the CUBE Innovators Competition; global opportunities for students to work with businesses, startups, and nonprofits; consultation sessions with small businesses in Brooklyn; and networking events that give our students the Brooklyn edge in their career paths.

    “The mission of CUBE is threefold,” Rudikoff said. “First, and foremost, we’re focused on training our students to have a competitive advantage in the job market. Second, we want to provide essential legal services that startups need to scale up and become sustainable. In addition, we will continue to serve as a high-profile platform for the dissemination of scholarship and thought leadership on innovation and the law.”

    Rudikoff brings a decade of experience as a New York City attorney with litigation experience in both criminal and civil courts. After graduating from the Law School, he served as an assistant district attorney, where he created the environmental crimes unit within the rackets division. Three years ago, he became general counsel at MASS Design Group, which provides infrastructure, buildings, and the human and physical systems necessary to promote the growth and well-being of individuals and communities. MASS works on three continents with projects spanning the design of buildings, research, policy, education, and strategic planning. In addition to overseeing MASS’s legal affairs, Rudikoff managed the firm’s development and marketing efforts and served as corporate secretary to the board of directors. During his tenure, he helped grow the company from 15 employees to 55 employees. Now he’s looking forward to taking that entrepreneurial spirit and working to expand CUBE. 

    “I’m thrilled to be back at Brooklyn Law School,” he said, “working to revolutionize legal education. The sky’s the limit as far as the opportunities we have through CUBE.”

    “We all look forward to working with John and CUBE’s other supporters,” Dean Nick Allard said, “as we embark on a new year of exciting and dynamic programming at the Law School. Brooklyn is a leading international hub for innovation in business, technology, and culture. This legal center taps into this tremendous growth to offer opportunities to our students right in our own backyard, as we raise our profile as the foremost center for the study of urban business entrepreneurship.”   

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